John Nolte awards Breitbart’s 2018 Fake News Awards! Enjoy this one!

Andrew Breitbart is the patron saint of the MAGA movement, so it is appropriate to turn to Breitbart News for an accounting of just how un-American and unprofessional the Dishonest Media has become in the era of Trump.

John Nolte bestows humorous awards on some of the biggest names in Fake News. Here are just a few examples:

This Year’s Chief Stenographer for Democrats Desperate to Spread Fake News Smears

NBC’s Kasie Hunt

The Dan Rather Award for Just Making Shit Up

The New York Times

“Columnist so Shrill Only Dogs Can Hear Her” Award

Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin

And my personal favorite:

Most Dishonest Legal Analyst Not Named Jeffrey Toobin

Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano

Nolte shamelessly has fun dragging Big Media’s worst offenders through the mud of their own swamp. Read the rest here.

To read my own analysis of Fake News, the Deep State and Dumb Politics as Usual in the 21st Century, check out my “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy on Amazon.

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