John Nolte savages Romney as ‘an idiot, a moron, a stupe, a sleazy stooge’

Rounding out today’s best responses to turncoat freshman senator Romney is the inestimable John Nolte of Breitbart, who summed it up nicely in his headline: “Mitt Romney Is an Idiot.”

But maybe a better headline would have been a paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning: “How is Mitt Romney an idiot? Let me count the ways.”

Nolte absolutely savages Romney. First he calls him “an opportunistic sleaze bag gorging on sour grapes and his own monstrously selfish sense of virtue” but turns out that was his opinion BEFORE Romney wrote his gratuitous op-ed in the Washington Post.

Now he is “a preening, backstabbing, undermining, half-witted peacock whose first official act as an incoming U.S. Senator is to sucker punch Trump, the man who not only endorsed you in Utah, but did so graciously after you launched a series of unhinged and very personal attacks against Trump during the 2016 campaign.”

There is much more of this delightful Gore Vidal style knifework in Nolte’s column, but perhaps nothing can top this jab at Romney:

“If Mitt Romney were on fire, I wouldn’t spit on him.”

The good news is that, as Nolte declares, we now never have to worry about the repulsive Romney ever being elected president!

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One Reply to “John Nolte savages Romney as ‘an idiot, a moron, a stupe, a sleazy stooge’”

  1. Mitt Romney, of course, still believes he will be president. How many people voted for him during the Utah Senate election where he replaced ORIN HATCH for God’s sake. And how many American Patriots voted for Donald J. Trump, against unbelievable odds and political machinery made up of adversaries from Obama’s administration and Intel agencies, REPUBLICAN career politicians (often referred to as the swamp), and Democrats. And who won? Milton Romney? No. DONALD J. TRUMP. Milton should keep his mouth shut and remember where the votes for Trump came from. A huge number of counties all over the United States. Not just Utah. Milton Romney is a backbiting jealous resentful loser. He and Hillary have a lot in common. Both sore losers, unable to get past it. I’m mad at myself. I voted for Milton and defended him in 2008. Now who’s the idiot? But both Milton (Mitt) Romney and Paul Ryan were saboteurs. Paul Ryan smiled at President Trump as he stabbed him in the back. Ryan could have helped at least start the immigration fixes that are needed to restore law and order and legitimacy to the United States. He didn’t. He is a loser and will be remembered as Romney’s flunky, holding Trump back until Romney could get on the scene and save the day with boy wonder Ryan by his side. Romney and Ryan. They put a picture to the word “Swamp.”. But it is not fair to swamps. Sincerely, Joe Morrisco Bedminster, NJ

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