Montana GOP leader asks state to pay its fair share for The Wall

Montana shares a 545-mile long border with Canada, so we know something about border security, but it’s the border with Mexico that has Montanans like other Americans concerned about our future.

That’s why it was nice to wake up this morning and find a front-page story in my old newspaper the Daily Inter Lake headlined “Montana Republican proposes state give $8M for border wall.” Yep, the southern border!

Now before you get too excited, let’s remember that Montana is the state that just returned Democrat Jon Tester back to the Senate for a third term. It’s also the state that has elected Democrat governors for the past 16 years, including presidential hopeful Steve Bullock, who would veto border wall money in a heartbeat!

Nonetheless, it was great to see Scott Sales, president of the Montana Senate, doing what DC Republicans won’t do — backing up our great president and working to make America safe again.

Sales said his proposal is a “small token” to show border security “is of vital interest to all citizens regardless of what state they live in.”

Amen, brother! And that’s why I love Montana!

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