Pat Buchanan exhorts Trump: Declare an emergency

It was nearly three decades ago when Pat Buchanan stood athwart history and said “Stop” to the powerful political forces working to transform the United States into a nation ripped from its historical, religious and cultural moorings and set adrift on a sea of globalism.

Sadly his long-shot candidacy for president in 1992 was a quixotic tilt at windmills, but his message survived his political career and was resurrected by Donald Trump in 2016 — America first!

Now Buchanan offers President Donald Trump the advice of a gray sage, and the president would be wise to heed it. In an essay titled “Memo to Trump: Declare an Emergency,” Buchanan warns that “mass migration from the global South, not climate change, is the real existential crisis of the West.”

Buchanan sees “Build that wall” as Trump’s “No new taxes.” Fail to deliver and go down in history as a failed one-term president like the man who Buchanan challenged in 1992. Therefore, declare an emergency and do whatever is needed to make the Wall happen.

Hopefully, President Trump is listening to the lion of conservatism Pat Buchanan and not to the establishment voices like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Jim Mattis, because surrender at this point would be devastating.

Read Buchanan’s column here:

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