Newt on fire! Defends Trump against Deep State attack revealed in New York Times

Newt Gingrich has a hard-hitting op-ed at that eviscerates the Deep State apparatchiks who tried to destroy President Trump when he decapitated their conspiracy by firing FBI Director James Comey.

The extraordinary story published Friday night in The New York Times headlined “F.B.I. Opened Inquiry into Whether Trump was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia” tells us how deeply sick the Washington establishment has become.

A group of bureaucrats – elected by no one – sat in a room and decided they would investigate the new president of the United States for possible treason. Let me repeat: treason. This is, after all, the implication of this investigation.

Later, Newt says this:

President Trump was not betraying the Constitution. There is no evidence he ever considered betraying his country for the Russians. It is the Justice Department bureaucrats who have been betraying the Constitution.

Bravo, Newt. Too bad you didn’t win the GOP nomination for president in 2012 instead of the insipid and duplicitous Mitt Romney.

Oh yes, and in case you missed it, Gingrich quotes Trump’s former attorney John Dowd. If you are like me, you have ambiguous feelings about Dowd, who underestimated the danger of the Mueller probe to DJT but who also served the president well on other matters, including Supreme Court nominations. Nonetheless, this quote goes a long way to redeem this DC lawyer:

“The (New York) Times story is an unwitting disclosure and verification of the utter corruption of their oaths by (fired FBI Director James) Comey and his colleagues to undermine the free election of the President of the United States. It was apparently done under the supervision of the Deputy Attorney General, who was reportedly ready to wear a wire to ensnare President Trump. This is the stuff of banana republics and dictatorships. This despicable, unlawful, official conduct undermines our entire federal criminal justice system which protects our liberty as a free people.”

Hip hip hooray! Time to bring down the Deep State once and for all!

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