Breaking! #FakeProsecutor Mueller defends Trump from #FakeNewsMedia!

Just when you thought you had seen it all — on Friday the Special Counsel’s office released a statement declaring that the latest “bombshell” story about Trump was a total hoax — you know, like the hoax Russian dossier that got the ball rolling on the destroy-Trump bandwagon.

I don’t have time to recite all the nonsense leveled against Trump, but rest assured, when the attack comes from Ben Smith and Buzzfeed, it is probably not just nonsense but utter nonsense. In the 2012 election, I broke a story about Obama’s education at Harvard being funded by an Arab billionaire, and Ben Smith personally “debunked” my story without actually explaining away the facts I presented. You can read about that in Part 2 of “Why We Needed Trump.”

In this case, Smith and his known fabricator of news Jason Leopold reported that President Trump had directed his attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a proposed hotel project in Moscow.

Not true, said Mueller’s office. Not that it came as any surprise to people with brains. The anonymously “sourced” story was just the latest Deep State attempt to take down the president.

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2 Replies to “Breaking! #FakeProsecutor Mueller defends Trump from #FakeNewsMedia!”

  1. Thank you, again, Mr. Miele for the clear reporting of the way the bias media reports on the President. The media may be made up of journalists, but all journalists are not “media attention–seekers.” The journalists with integrity report the news. The “media,” is exactly that. Anyone who happens to have a camera, microphone, or photographer on them can fit the description of “Media.” Harvey Weinstein is part of the “media,” but it doesn’t mean he is a reporter or journalist. He is written about by media writers. Golfers are a media sensation of their own, but they don’t report the news, they are written about. ”Fake News” is actually a media instrument. It is not actual news from the real “press” our Constitution protects. It is an “advertising” instrument. It advertises the opinion of one person or group over another. As Lesley Stahl famously said to President Trump during the October 2018 interview, “will you pledge not to fire Mueller?” .He said why should I pledge to you. This is paraphrased, of course, but it shows the arrogance and hubris of an old reporter thinking she is speaking for the citizens and voters. Who elected her? Plus, the story of President Trump firing Bob Mueller was “manufactured,” to use their words, by the press from day one. They put it out there and then attributed it to the President and his staff. Common sense says he may privately have had those thoughts, but why would he share any private thoughts with CNN? For them to constantly report on what the President is thinking is one more lie to add to the others. This branch of the liberal-democrat party is “Fake News” but should be re-labeled Democrat Media. Every so-called reporter on TV and unemployed basement Soros employee, speculates about Mr. Trump and speculates in the most devious way possible. They throw out the most despicable scenarios and hide behind “if it’s true,” “if he did this,” and the one I just heard a so-called reporter on CNN say, “We must start impeachmemt proceedings!” Who is this reporter? A member of the department of Justice? An attorney? Over-reaching as usual. That’s why your article is so refreshing. It gives me hope to know you are watching the watchers!
    Sincerely, Joe Morrisco, Bedminster, NJ, 07921 (my recent letter to Mr. Limbaugh also mentions the fearmongering that comes from most of the Democrat Media – see below)

    Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

    Everything you brought up in your radio broadcast about the fearmongering of CNN and stations with their limited ability to speak rationally, is positively true. How is it your world view, and mine, can different so greatly from people we refer to as “delusional”? I understand people who want to be idealistic and use Bobby Kennedy’s speech writers’ words as some kind of mantra, which I am paraphrasing, “some ask why and I ask why not,” but reality must be faced.

    One reality is that we NEVER, never listen to CNN unless Tucker, Hannity or you bring one of their evil propaganda clips to our attention, but the “unknowing,” “uninformed,” and “uneducated,” people may watch the CNN scare tactics and actually believe them. What I hope turns out is that the entire country finds out that we don’t need 800,000 federal workers. They are obviously NOT ESSENTIAL. (A poll showed 97% of federal workers donated to Hillary’s campaign, so the votes won’t change!)

    Republicans have said for years how the government is too big. This is a great chance to weed out the “weak sisters.”. Oh, Lord. Is that now a sexist comment? Juan Williams is quoted somewhere saying the government is being run by Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and you. Well, bravo. You have become the representatives of millions of people who do not have representation. Our elected representatives are SUPPOSED to speak for us. But our elected representatives get a taste of power and what it brings and they speak for themselves and anything that will get them back in the most exclusive club in the world, into the Congressional Gym & Sports Bar; onto the Congressional Golf Course, first class seats when a flight attendant bumps others, and a cushy office with aids and interns who bow and scrape to them and the politicians personally do not need to pay. All these delights create a self importance that is gargantuan. They become greater than the people who, in good faith, elected them. This is a job with the biggest perks our country has to offer, plus unpunished insider trading information which has made hundreds of them (pelosi, Maxine, menendez, and rangle) rich beyond their normal abilities should have allowed and let them get away with it. Our “television” representatives, like you, have a much tougher time. You are up against ten times the number of stations spouting propaganda that their masters insist upon so that they can defeat Trump because they hate him so much for exposing the corruption in politics, media, and lobbyists. You are up against threats to tow the line or have an unruly ungrateful kid demand to boycott you and your associates. Dear God how they hate you and the President, his family and friends, and me, the voter. Their contempt takes the form of shaming, oppressing, belittling. It’s almost visible in its ugliness.

    President Trump never said he was a saint and the media coughs up stories on him hourly but the public knows part of the stories are true but most of the stories are exaggerated and have nothing to do with his clearsightedness. So we, the public, do not care. We want the President to build the wall and demand $10 Billion dollars if Nancy and her haters don’t come around. We want him to reduce government, so this threat alone should worry Democrats. The President might have more leverage if he said reducing government is a wonderful by-product of the shut down. When he came into office, one of the best things he did was have a hiring freeze. You may not be able to fire, discipline, or call to accountability thousands of government workers, but you can keep the freeze on. Can the President call their bluff – or actually mean it – when he says we are reducing the government by 300,000 federal workers? I LOVE the idea. Or at least use it as leverage. Never mind the Democrats thinking they can demand amnesty for illegal immigrants, the President can sweep that away with his offer of eliminating 300,000 federal workers. Just like a bankruptcy. Start over again with workers who do not rob the public with over the top benefits and unionized protection against ME!! THE TAXPAYER!!!

    When the smarmy army of liberals repeat and repeat their sing song message about “just open the government and then we’ll talk about the wall,” you know they are lying, again. And again. They will do unto Trump what they did unto Reagan. Please tell the President not to blink. Not to go under $5 billion, but to demand $10 billion dollars. Nancy wants to crush him. He never set out to crush her, but the law of physics might apply: What goes around, comes around.


    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

    Cc:. Sean Hannity
    Tucker Carlson
    Shelley Moore Cavito
    Michael Loftus
    David Webb
    Harmeet Dhillon
    Kelsey Harkness
    Lawrence Jones

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