Heartland Diary USA passes 1,000 followers! Thank you, MAGA community!

I am humbled by the growth of my conservative blog in just a short while. Launched at the end of October, www.HeartlandDiaryUSA had 300 followers by Jan. 10. Then just four days later, on Jan. 14, I had to do an update that I had 500 followers.

One week later, I can now report that I have topped 1,000 followers on all platforms. Thank you! I owe most of that large number to the dedicated #MAGA community on Twitter, where following the lead of President Trump, many thousands of pro-American patriots tirelessly fight against the #FakeNews machine of the Mainstream Media.

Please leave comments on my columns at Real Clear Politics every Monday, and tell your conservative friends about Heartland Diary USA.

To read more of my columns about the Dishonest Media, the Deep Swamp, the failed presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and Trump’s war to restore American greatness, check out my “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy. Part 1 is subtitled “Bush’s Global Failure: Half Right.” Part 2 is “Obama’s Fundamental Transformation: Far Left.” Part 3 is “Trump’s American Vision: Just Right.” They are available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions. Also please considering leaving a review in support of my conservative commentary on one or all of my book pages at Amazon! Thanks!

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4 Replies to “Heartland Diary USA passes 1,000 followers! Thank you, MAGA community!”

  1. Such a welcomed relief to still have a constitutional voice defending our individual liberties.
    Kinda like, “Our freedoms never retire!” Regards, Tumbleweed

  2. The fact that Heartland Diary USA, with Frank Miele at the helm, has reached 1000 followers is just the beginning for such a wonderful site. Congratulations and good wishes for Mr. Miele’s good health and the good health of Heartland Diary USA! It takes a weight off my mind that Heartland Diary USA exists. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Joe Morrisco, Bedminster, NJ 07921 1/22/19

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