Trump faces yet another GOP obstacle in fight to put America first

This story hasn’t gotten much attention thanks to the serial Ralph Northam scandals of the last four or five days, but it certainly should be on the radar of all Trump supporters.

The Senate passed a resolution Thursday on a 68-23 vote to rebuke the president for trying to remove US troops from the Afghanistan quagmire. The non-binding amendment says the troop withdrawal “could allow terrorists to regroup, destabilize critical regions, and create vacuums that could be filled by Iran or Russia, to the detriment of the United States interests and those of our allies.”

Yeah, it could also save American lives.

Joseph Duggan at American Greatness has written an apt rebuke of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for engineering this anti-Trump resolution.

Instead of supporting the Republican and independent voters who knowingly nominated and elected a man committed to foreign policy change, McConnell is sticking stubbornly to the foreign policy approach that failed America and the world.

Duggan’s essay “McConnell and the Iron Triangle vs. Trump and the Voters” describes the Deep State in a useful new way:

The Iron Triangle is the combination of Congress, the permanent federal bureaucracy, and special-interest groups—often including the special-interest group that is the ideologically leftist mainstream media.

This description also anticipates my own column to appear Monday at Real Clear Politics on the need for a “domestic threat assessment” to show the dangers facing President Trump and the American people. Check back Monday for a link to my column and please spread the word about Heartland Diary USA. I’m on Facebook @HeartlandDiaryUSA and on Twitter @HeartlandDiary. Check out my books on Amazon.

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