CNN, Comedy Central ought to shake things up by switching staffs

It occurred to me when reading Mark Finkelstein’s report about CNN’s crack news team that I now know the solution to the Fake News Crisis.

Face it, most millennials already get their news from would-be comedians like Trevor Noah on the Daily Show. But after reading Finkelstein’s account on Newsbusters, it is clear that CNN viewers are getting their comedy from would-be newspeople.

“To prove that there’s a border emergency, President Trump must stop eating omelets! Ridiculous, you might say. And yet, on this morning’s New Day, CNN’s John Avlon, Alisyn Camerota and Jeff Toobin mocked President Trump for eating an omelet, somehow suggesting it debunks the existence of an emergency.

After displaying a photo of Trump at a Mar-a-Lago omelet bar, the trio engaged in this banter:

JOHN AVLON: While ’emergency’ is not defined in this statute, the dictionary definition of emergency certainly doesn’t fit this. And this weekend, he’s at Mar-a-Lago at the omelet bar, also not exactly communicating urgency.

CAMEROTA: Nothing says rapid and fast like an omelet bar.

JEFFREY TOOBIN: They cook fast.

AVLON: Presumably for the President.

Something needs to give. It’s time to admit that cable news folks are just frustrated comedians who ought to be allowed to do what they do best — on Comedy Central. And yes I don’t think we will see any appreciable decline in news coverage is CNN hires the whole crew at Comedy Central for their new on-air talent.

Of course, what this really confirms is something we already knew — that comedy is no longer funny. It is just anger directed at Trump supporters. And news is no longer news — it is just anger directed at Trump supporters. Sadly, when news and comedy are indistinguishable, our country’s future may be the punchline.

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  1. CNN = Conspicuous Negative News

    Too many other places to read and watch positive news about our country; not wasting too much time on them.
    Only enough to satisfy, “to win the war, know the enemies moves”.

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