Morris Dees fired by SPLC: A good first step, but don’t expect miracles

The law firm called the Southern Poverty Law Center has been running a racket for decades to harass conservative groups in order to milk millions of dollars from liberals who want to destroy dissent.

The mastermind behind this racket is Morris Dees, who enriched himself many times over by promoting fear and hatred against conservatives.

Well, the good news is that Dees was fired by the board of the SPLC on Wednesday. It’s not exactly clear why Dees was fired, but the New York Post hinted at the cause in its reporting Thursday:

The watchdog group, which tracks extremist activity in the United States, has been dealing with complaints that women and people of color do not have the same status as their white male counterparts, the Los Angeles Times reported. It was not clear if Dees’ firing was related to the complaints, according to the report.

The newspaper cited an internal email sent last Friday by a black attorney who was leaving the organization and insisted they take steps to better the work environment.

“As a woman of color, the experiences of staff of color and female staff have been particularly important to me … and we recognize that there is more work to do in the legal department and across the organization to ensure that SPLC is a place where everyone is heard and respected and where the values we are committed to pursuing externally are also being practiced internally,” the lawyer, who was not named, reportedly wrote.

Yes, the ouster of Dees is good news, but don’t expect a miracle. The board that ousted him no doubt thinks he was about to become a hindrance to the SPLC pursuing its primary goal — the harassment of conservatives. Chances are that the SPLC will continue to be a danger to free speech for years to come. It just pays to well to stop.

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3 Replies to “Morris Dees fired by SPLC: A good first step, but don’t expect miracles”

  1. They have never seemed to be a legitimate outfit to me. It is my experience that the self righteous blather from such groups is merely their projection of what they do, not those they blame do! RLS

  2. Thanks for catching this major event! I was in Coeur d’Alene when Dees attacked everyone who was not a Democrat. The hate and gloating were appalling! It was that hatred and gloating that gave SPLC its financial success in Idaho.

  3. Let’s give credit where it’s due: Just as Barbara Madrell was country when country wasn’t cool, Morris Dees was fake news long before it was cool.

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