Breaking: Mueller completes Witch Hunt; Democrats keeping matches and stake handy

The national Hate Trump Media finally got a story right. As predicted, Robert Mueller has turned in his Trump Persecution report to Attorney General Barr.

Of course, as we have been told for the past month, Democrats no longer care what Mueller has to say. If Mueller wasn’t able to find any wrongdoing by President Trump, the Democrats like shifty Adam Schiff are entirely willing to invent evidence just like Christopher Steele did in the first place.

This is the saddest miscarriage of justice in the history of our country.

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  1. Last night was the best TV watching since Trump’s election. The kooks at MSNBC and CNN looked as if they were being scolded by their Daddy or Mommy. It was as if the punishment would be for them to stand in a corner with their Witch hats on! RLS

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