If Trump is innocent, then Jussie Smollett must be innocent too! (Distraction 101!)

This is a classic sleight-of-hand move by the Matrix magicians who govern by distraction and deceit.

Two days after President Trump is cleared of wrong-doing, suddenly the open-and-shut case against race hoaxer Jussie Smollett is dropped by Chicago prosecutors. Imagine how quickly the Fake News Media has turned from the important story about the conspiracy against Trump to the celebrity distraction of lazy liberal Smollett being freed despite slam dunk evidence of his making up a story about being attacked because he was black and gay!

This just further damages the credibility of the authorities in this country — whether it’s the FBI, the Chicago Police or the Democrats in Congress. As I wrote in the subtitle of my new book, “What If Everything You Know Is Fake?”

This story is just getting started, but remember — it is a distraction. If they want you to look right, make sure you look left because someone has their hand in your pocket!

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