One book ended slavery; can one film end abortion?

There are many things to write about every day, but there is one that deserves to be written about every day that we rarely talk about — abortion.

Unfortunately, in our society abortion is considered as normal and acceptable as ripping the heart out of a living human being was to the ancient Aztecs. It is supported as a matter of course by almost everyone. Catholic schools like Notre Dame have reproductive rights clubs. Mothers teach their daughters how they control their own bodies and if they have their own daughters it’s OK to kill them as long as they aren’t born yet.

So how exactly do we turn this horror around and end the nightmare? How do we make babies human?

The answer for one woman who worked for Planned Parenthood was to see an abortion for herself — to watch a uterus “emptied” of its precious cargo by having the living, moving, sentient fetus torn to pieces and suctioned into a tube like so much garbage. That moment of seeing the truth of abortion turned Abby Johnson from an abortion provider to an anti-abortion crusader. Her book “Unplanned” is now a film and it tells the story of how the truth of abortion once seen can never be unseen. If you support abortion, you are supporting the most horrific and brutal death of a living being.

It is important that parents see this film with their children. It shows the violence of abortion and the trauma it causes, and may be the only thing that will turn young girls away from the political indoctrination they will receive elsewhere that abortion is a right. A reproductive right cannot include the right to end another life. That is not reproduction but rather murder.

“Unplanned” was given an R rating because of its “violence,” which is ironic considering that in many state’s children can obtain abortions more easily than they could attend this film without a parent’s permission. But it is absolutely vital that parents talk to their teenage children about the truth of abortion and then take them to see this film. If it traumatizes them, that’s good. It may save a life later.

Is it possible for one film to change America? To instruct our conscience and give us the strength to admit how horribly wrong we were? Maybe not, but one book is credited with provoking the shame that led to the end of slavery in America. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” changed history. Let’s pray that “Unplanned” can do the same. hosts the commentary of Frank Miele, former editor of the Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell, Montana. Your support for this blog is appreciated. Please consider purchasing one of my books at Amazon. My new book is “The Media Matrix: What If Everything You Know Is Fake?” — a look at Fake News from the perspective of a small-town newspaper editor. In addition, my “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy documents the downward spiral of the USA that made Trump’s presidency so important. The books are available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions. Go here for a free sample of “The Media Matrix”:

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8 Replies to “One book ended slavery; can one film end abortion?”

  1. For what it is worth as a moral to a story .??

    Once upon a time in downtown Kalispell,Mt. men , women and children marched,prayed. protested against a local abortion clinic.This went on for years ..To no effect..

    Then one night a local guy broke into that clinic..He destroyed enough records, equipment,etc. that the killing machine was stopped .(for quite a time)
    .How many little lifes were saved .?? Not possible to know…He went to jail ..What might eventually be considered ‘Acceptable’ to fight back .??

    Of course, as an example the ‘fighters’ will have to operate(so to speak) in the dark of night to save lives..No funding ???
    The life takers can ‘operate in daylight with funding from the UlS.Gov..
    .Meaning with APPROVAL. What then , is the moral to the story ..??What then is acceptable morally ?? Hopefully ,a book and/or a film ..

    If,, it appears ‘normal’,acceptable to America in general that either situation is O K. , an alledged Christian nation ??

    Mont.Terr. .

  2. Open Southern border; unfettered invasion of Islam; tax funds used to murder unborn and newborns, provide cash and housing to non-citizens; Theocratic fundamentalists in our Congress. WHEN IS IT APPROPRIATE TO TAKE OUR REPUBLIC BACK from those who seek to “fundamentally change” it? The ballot box it the correct place for the time being — BUT it is almost TOO LATE! NEVER VOTE DEMOCRAT!

    1. No matter what Democrats say when they are elected, they will vote with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

  3. It is a double edge sword to see the younger political generation hinting that the time of older Dems.(Pelosi and Schumer) may be trailing off ..The concern is this younger generation and their agenda.. .Frying pan into fire ?? Could it get worse ..Appears so .

    About 60 years ago I had a chat with a bartender …Good conversation for us both .It would appear that this generation bartender/congress person is not as educated or aware as
    yesteryears ……Good thing I gave that up so long ago……Bartenders not chatting……

  4. Well said Frank! I was blessed to have heard Abby speak at a conference. She has a story to tell, we need to listen

    1. Thanks Connie… I’m glad you got to see Abby. I hope everyone gives this movie a chance.

  5. The “choice” is NOT pro-life or pro-choice. it’s either pro-life or pro-death. Considering “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” how can you have liberty and pursue happiness if you don’t have life? Does the innocent, helpless unborn baby have a choice? Women don’t “own” their bodies when they carry another living being inside them. The time for choices is over. I’ve been in the desperate situation so don’t tell me I don’t know. I know first hand. I had to face my employer, my parents and friends, for many months. NO matter what trials I had to face, I never considered having any choice but to allow life to live. I took responsibility for my actions. Frank, we miss you. Glad you are still writing.

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