New York Times peddles disinformation from Mueller’s team of ‘13 angry Democrats’

The New York Times was up to its usual dirty tricks on Wednesday, promoting the Fake News that Attorney General Barr is a stooge for the evil Putin puppet knows as President Trump.

You probably heard about it because the entire Echo Chamber Media promoted it for the rest of the day — or at least promoted the headline: “Some on Mueller’s Team See Their Findings as More Damaging for Trump Than Barr Revealed.”

You see, the headline was the only damaging thing in the entire story. This is an old trick by the Fake News Media, presumably an homage to the truism that most readers won’t make it past the first three paragraphs and thus will miss the context and the substance for the attention-grabbing headline. (Keep reading! Paragraph Four is just ahead!)

The lede in the New York Times claimed, “Some of Robert S. Mueller III’s investigators have told associates that Attorney General William P. Barr failed to adequately portray the findings of their inquiry and that they were more troubling for President Trump than Mr. Barr indicated.”

Really? So the team of what President Trump called “13 angry Democrats” who wasted two years investigating the Russia hoax still think the president is a bad guy? Hmmm, not surprising!

What is important is that the Times story contains no named sources on the record, and it contains no actual evidence of “troubling” findings that are being misrepresented. What it does contain is this sentence:

The officials and others interviewed declined to flesh out why some of the special counsel’s investigators viewed their findings as potentially more damaging for the president than Mr. Barr explained…

Umm, OK, so there is nothing to see here. Move along!

It should be noted that this Times story has three authors in the byline and two more reporters who “contributed” to the article. This reminds me of an old joke: “How many NY Times reporters does it take to screw a Republican president?”

Punchline: “As many as necessary.”

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