The New Deal we need is red, white and blue, not green

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sometimes refers to her Green New Deal as the 21st century equivalent of Kennedy’s moon shot.

That’s nice. Too bad it would bankrupt our country and/or turn it into a socialist hell. But maybe that is the goal of a communist like AOC or her backers like George Soros.

But there is a moon shot we should be trying for if we intend to renew our country rather that destroy it. It’s the Red, White and Blue New Deal on immigration that President Trump has been promoting without benefit of a catchy name for the past three years.

Build a wall, end chain migration, end birthright citizenship, make e-Verify mandatory and allow immediate deportation of anyone in the country illegally. Those steps would restore US sovereignty, improve wages for Americans across the board, and restore rule of law within our borders.

President Trump was elected on a promise of building the wall. His enemies have prevented him from doing so, but if he wants to be re-elected he needs to revisit this debate with assurances to the American public that he is serious about making the Red, White and Blue New Deal on immigration his No. 1 priority.

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