Eugene Robinson invented a racist president; here’s how

Allow me to take a few moments this morning to visit the distasteful subject of the Washington Post — and in particular the self-important musings of Eugene Robinson.

His new column was published at the Post under the headline “Trump invented an immigration crisis to further his most consistent goal.” It was reprinted by the editors at Real Clear Politics under a headline that more accurately reflects Robinson’s race-baiting hysteria: “Our President Wants to Put up a “No Vacancies” Sign for Non-White Immigrants.”

The false premise of Robinson’s anti-Trump screed is capsulized by the first paragraph:

“The Trump administration has manufactured and exacerbated an immigration “crisis” to further the president’s most consistent goal: to Make America White Again.”

When you are a “respected” journalist on the left, you can make up stuff like that without any consequences. You will not find anyone in the Trump administration saying anything like that, nor would 99 percent of Trump supporters, but that doesn’t stop Robinson from painting Trump, me and all of Trump’s supporters as racists. Character assassination is just one more arrow in the quiver for a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer like Robinson.

So is doublethink — the Orwellian principle of being able to maintain two contradictory ideas in one’s brain and believing both to be true. This is a vital skill for someone whose job is to manipulate the masses. Robinson demonstrates his mastery of doublethink in paragraph 2.

“Tens of thousands of Central American asylum-seekers, even hundreds of thousands, do not constitute a serious crisis — not for a continent-spanning nation of 330 million, a nation built through successive waves of immigration. The migrants have severely taxed and at times overwhelmed the systems at the border that must process and adjudicate their claims for refuge, but this is a simple matter of resources. We need more border agents, more immigration judges, more housing.”

Did you catch that? It’s not a crisis; it’s just a case of circumstances that are “severely taxing” and “overwhelming.” It’s a “simple matter of resources.” By this reckoning, the burning of Notre Dame was not a crisis either. It was just an example of the fire “severely taxing” and at times “overwhelming” the emergency responders. They just needed more firefighters, quicker response and less spark!

Robinson concludes that Trump is a racist because he wants to stop illegal immigration on our southern border, but again you have to parse Robinson’s doublethink.

You see, according to Robinson:

“The real crisis is that we have a president who wants to put up a ‘No Vacancies’ sign for non-white immigrants — just like the “No Coloreds’ signs I used to see in the Jim Crow South.”

But when you read the evidence Robinson presents to justify that opprobrious conclusion, you discover that he isn’t talking about immigration at all. What he is talking about is the United States throwing out a welcome mat for “asylum-seekers and economic migrants” coming from Central American countries because we have lots of room and unlimited resources to take care of all the millions of people who want to move here. (Oops, sorry, I started to channel Robinson’s opium dream there for a second!)

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Robinson briefly alludes to Trump’s own family immigrating to the USA years ago and alleges that if white people were migrating on our southern border, that would be fine with Trump. Thus ignores the fact that many Latinos are indeed also white, and it ignores US history, which has experienced long periods of immigration restriction of whites as well as others. Indeed the immigration restrictions of the 1920s targeted Europeans such as Italians and Germans as much as anyone. It had nothing to do with color; it had everything to do with protecting our resources from being “severely taxed” and “overwhelmed.”

One final point: Despite Eugene Robinson’s hurtful rhetoric, America never was white in the first place, so it can’t become “white again.” Nor can it be glossed over that while whites engaged in the evil of slavery, they didn’t invent it. Nor can we forget that thousands of whites died to end slavery and that the Jim Crow legacy of the South was killed by white politicians, mostly Republican, who put the common welfare (not skin color) first.

What President Trump recognizes is that all Americans, regardless of skin color, are hurt by unrestricted immigration. Robinson is more concerned with the welfare of non-citizens than Americans, and that, not race, is the basis of his dispute. Too bad he can’t be honest about that. hosts the commentary of Frank Miele, former editor of the Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell, Montana. Your support for this blog is appreciated. Please consider purchasing one of my books at Amazon. My new book is “The Media Matrix: What If Everything You Know Is Fake?” — a look at Fake News from the perspective of a small-town newspaper editor. In addition, my “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy documents the downward spiral of the USA that made Trump’s presidency so important. The books are available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions. Go here for a free sample of “The Media Matrix”:

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2 Replies to “Eugene Robinson invented a racist president; here’s how”

  1. I wonder if it is now appropriate to pitch the idea that Left-Wing Extremists will oppose anything that seems Republican in nature. There are so very many examples in every field of reason.

    To that end, it might be fun to pose some irrational possibilities to take up the Democrats’ time in their hatreds. For instance; My cat passes gas but, she’s a Republican, so I’ll keep her alive. Or perhaps you could offer to mitigate race rivalries between the North African (Arab) gangs of Los Angeles and the South African (black) gangs of Los Angeles.

    How about posing a competition for the Democrats; “I hate Republicans more than you.” I think that a writer might have fun dreaming up divisions for this. Would you have a Voices of Republicans Division, a Faces of Republicans Division, a Works of President Trump Division and maybe a Go-The-Longest-Without-A-Bath-to-annoy-a-Republican Division?

    I think that Steven Glass of “Shattered Glass” fame ought to give us our the lede; In the aftermath of the Bill and Monica show at the White House, Steven posed “popular” products like Monicondoms and Oval Room cigars. Truthfully, nobody opens him/her/its/theirs selves for ridicule better than Left-Wing Extremists. Humor in this jugular vein might help separate mainstream Democrats from the extremists. And that would be good.

    Heavens, Frank! You are in a fun business.

  2. Frank,

    If you haven’t seen, “Shattered Glass,” lemme know and I will send it to you. Such great ideas!

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