Barr martyred by media. Are you surprised?

Attorney General William Barr came before the American public this morning to introduce the Mueller Report prior to its official release.

He spoke plainly and clearly to set out the relevant facts about what the report concluded, but because he did not pull out a knife and plunge it into his own heart as an act of penance for serving the Russian usurper Donald Trump, he was instead instantly savaged by the celebrity journalists who surrounded him. Not since Saint Sebastian has a public figure been so thoroughly skewered by a hateful mob.

Those of us who are reasonable await the report before we accuse Trump, Mueller, Barr or anyone else of being liars, but Democrats and journalists operate outside the confines of reason. They only live to destroy. Sad.

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One Reply to “Barr martyred by media. Are you surprised?”

  1. Attorney General Barr said, at his confirmation hearings, he would not be bullied. The morally destitute Democrats thought he was referring to President Trump. Maybe he foresaw the bullying techniques and strategies of the Democrats and looked “them” in all their lyin’ eyes when he said he would not be bullied. The Democrats tend to accuse others of their own lack of integrity, morals, and good judgment. Just replay Adam schiff’s little speech when nine republicans called him out for his constant lies about Mr. Trump’s guilt and asked him to resign from his chairman position. Everything Schiff accused Trump of doing, Adam Schiff, himself is guilty of, including as he dramatically said, “…and yes, unpatriotic.” The only unpatriotic people I have seen are the Resist Trump people. If they loved the United States of America, they would want what is best for this country. Not what is best for people who make a living out of being victims. The Democrats will go after William Barr and Robert Mueller because MSNBC and CNN need stories to fill up their 24 hour news cycle. The Malaysia air disaster helped CNN, so did other catastrophies, but anti-trump stories require no research or verification. They make up what they don’t know, to coincide what they want their audience to think. They are indignant about everything Mr.Trump does. They are angry and indignant all the time toward his family, they persecute his friends. It doesn’t take any effort to smear the Trump administration. They have made it a great game. These conniving reporters – not journalists – have received a prestigious award for presenting a fake document to the world. Nobody except Mr. Trump was brave enough to confront fake news, the immigration problem, nato required to pay up, changing the Nafta agreement, halting the Iran deal, calling off the April 2017 boondoggle in Paris to fiddle around with climate control self righteous people who are part of the climate control industry, the Chinese stealing intellectual property, and much more. President Trump is confronting the “unconfrontable” and often the “uncomfortable.” William Barr is following the law. Wouldn’t it be grand if the Democrats followed the law?
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, nj 07921

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