Too bad we can’t impeach the elite media mob

I woke up in a pretty good mood; then I read Andrew Sullivan’s new column called “Impeach Trump Now.”

He can write rings around me or almost anyone on the planet, but what a sour, pompous, self-serving ass!

He understands — and lays out as clearly as anyone — that Trump and his team had nothing to do with Russian interference in our election. Partway through the evidence he notes:

I’m afraid this makes speculation that Trump has been a Soviet and Russian asset for decades or those who still insist on a conspiracy … well, not exactly in touch with reality. It renders several thousand hours of Rachel Maddow moot, if not shameful. MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance recently reiterated that the president is “an agent of the enemy of the United States,” making this “the single most serious scandal in the history of the United States.” Nope. More disturbingly, a former CIA director, John Brennan, was predicting new indictments as recently as last month.

Yet after that and much more establishing that Mueller proved in Volume 1 that Trump did not collude with Russia, Sullivan declares that Trump must be impeached immediately.

Why? Because he believes that in Volume 2, Mueller provides “devastating” evidence of obstruction of justice. He never explains why Mueller didn’t in his report conclude that there was obstruction; he just says (in tandem with other liberal mouthpieces) that Mueller has given us a “road map” to impeachment. What that means, simply, is that the Mueller report is a political hatchet job and not really a criminal investigation at all.

When you read all the “high crimes and misdemeanors” that Sullivan finds enunciated in the Mueller report, they all amount to one of two things:

(1) Trump is pursuing policies Sullivan doesn’t like, and will be emboldened to do even more so if he is not impeached.

(2) Trump has a different philosophy of government and even a different philosophy of life than Sullivan; therefore he is dangerous and must be stopped.

It is not surprising that Sullivan found comfort in Volume 2 because as Mark Levin and others have noted, it is essentially a 200-page op-ed about why liberals hate Trump (and by extension, why conservatives love him). The obstruction is that Trump did what almost no other Republican in the last 50 years has done — fight back.

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It is also therefore not surprising that Sullivan and other Democrat sycophants are terrified of Trump. If he has accomplished as much as he has in the past two years while chained down by the fake Russia collusion investigation, then how much more powerful and effective will he be when he is unbound?

Too bad we can’t impeach the left-wing media mob that is coming after President Trump with their metaphorical torches and pitchforks. They are the real danger to the republic, and if patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, then the First Amendment is the last refuge of the seditious press.

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