‘Hogan’s Zeroes’ and other Never Trumpers

Do you suppose a noble horse like Secretariat ever gets tired of swatting at flies with its tail?

That must be what President Trump feels like when yet another fly or gnat takes aim at him. The latest is Gov. Larry (“Who?”) Hogan of Maryland — a Republican nonentity who apparently has delusions of grandeur.

Hogan says a “growing” number of Republicans are asking him to challenge President Trump in the primaries. Presumably that means his wife and kids have been joined by Mitt Romney and David (“Who?”) French in beating the drum for a suicidal mission against the most popular Republican president in years.

Of course, Hogan has to first pass former Gov. William Weld of Massachusetts, the first non-entity to challenge Trump. Weld at least has the possible excuse of a pot-induced hallucination for his decision to embarrass himself (wouldn’t it be easier to just wear a clown nose?) by pretending that President Trump is a windmill and he is Don Quixote.

According to OANN host Jack Posobiec, we may also still be graced with presidential (er, suicidal) runs by Romney and the Ohio postman (er, Gov. Kasich). I suppose that might slow down Hogan, but the Maryland Governor does have the latest Granite State Poll of New Hampshire voters to embolden him. Among likely Republican voters, Hogan has 1 percent support! Sadly for him most of that 1 percent were under the mistaken impression that they were voting for that nice Col. Hogan from “Hogan’s Heroes.” (Like most Never Trumpers they have adopted Sgt. Schultz’s “I know nothing!” as their political philosophy.)

Hogan’s main campaign theme is apparently that President Trump is a bad man and that Robert Mueller is a saint. He told reporters this about the Mueller Report:

“There was some very disturbing stuff found in the report. Just because aides did not follow his orders — that’s the only reason why we don’t have obstruction of justice.”

No, Col. Hogan, the only reason we don’t have obstruction is because Mueller worked for President Trump and could have been fired anytime the president wanted to. Standing up to bullies is not obstruction of justice, and shutting down a witch hunt is the opposite of obstruction of justice — it is the restoration of justice.

Col. Hogan and the rest of the Never Trump zeroes had better get out of the way because when President Trump is ready to do battle, he won’t be taking any prisoners!

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  1. It is almost too funny to be true. There certainly are a lot of zeros comtemplating a run. In fact, so many, there total viability will move into negative terrirory soon, Quite the opposite direction. Zero will be measured as their IQ, rather than their chances. They must be nuts! Rick

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