I got my first review on Amazon! Can you post the second?

Hey, thanks to Jerry Lubbers for posting a review on Amazon of my new book, “The Media Matrix: What If Everything You Know is Fake?”

It’s the first review on any of my books.

Thanks for the kind words, Jerry!

I hope some of my readers will post more reviews on my books. I don’t sell many of them, but each sale helps, and your reviews can definitely help, too.

Here are links to all of my current books. If you enjoy reading these posts, please consider leaving a review about my qualifications as a conservative political analyst. And of course if you want to buy a book along the way, it wouldn’t bother me at all!

The Media Matrix: What If Everything You Know Is Fake?:


Why We Needed Trump Part 1: Bush’s Global Failure:


Why We Needed Trump Part 2: Obama’s Fundamental Transformation:


Why We Needed Trump Part 3: Trump’s American Vision:


Just open the link and scroll down till you see Customer Reviews.

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