AP confused about who is under attack in Sri Lanka

Color me confused. I read the AP headline and just shook my head. “Sri Lanka Muslims brave militant threats for Friday prayers.”

What’s that all about, I wondered. It was Christians who were attacked on Easter Sunday, not Muslims, right? Did someone threaten the Muslims in Sri Lanka in response to the Easter attacks? I had not heard of any threats. The reporter claimed it was so, but did not provide any evidence:

“At 12:10 p.m. Friday, men and boys in a Muslim neighborhood in Sri Lanka’s capital did something everyone had warned them not to do: They came together to pray.

“Hundreds gathered at the Masjidus Salam Jumma mosque for their communal Friday prayers, one of many mosques that conducted services despite warnings of retaliatory violence.”

That reference to “warnings” is the only evidence that there was any danger, but a warning is not a threat. There is no indication that threats were actually made, just intuited, and the reference to “militants” in the headline is also confusing. The only militants I know about who are targeting worshippers in Sri Lanka are Muslims.

I am also confused by what the mosque’s imam told his followers about the Islamic State-claimed Easter attacks targeting churches and hotels that killed at least 250 people.

He said the attackers were people who didn’t truly believe the teachings of Islam.

“They are ‘not Muslims. This is not Islam. This is an animal,’ said Akurana Muhandramlage Jamaldeen Mohamed Jayfer, the chairman of the mosque. ‘We don’t have a word (strong enough) to curse them.'”

It make me wonder if the Imam has read the Koran, the Haditha and other holy texts of Islam, which certainly justify violence against infidels (non-believers).

What I really have to wonder about is the Associated Press, which put out this slanted news story under its byline without asking or answering any of the questions I have raised here. Does anyone really still wonder why President Trump calls it “fake news.”

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  1. As I understand it,Muslims in that part of the world regularly attack the Hindi and the Buddhists. Those attacks allegedly take more of those lives than the lives of Christians.

    Yet we don’t read about that in our media.

    Odd. Very odd!

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