Illegal alien wins, justice loses in bizarre Montana lawsuit

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The topsy-turvy world of American jurisprudence sent heads spinning again Wednesday when a federal judge ruled that a Montana judge had erred by reporting an illegal immigrant to the sheriff’s office. According to the Associated Press, U.S. District Judge Susan Watters ruled that Yellowstone County Justice of the Peace Pedro Hernandez and a sheriff’s deputy

Fake Newsers smear Trump with false confession, fake deletion, phony headlines. Ugh!

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The headline at left-wing Mediaite screams: “Trump deletes tweet admitting Russia helped him get elected!” Great click bait but also totally FAKE NEWS! The story was posted at 8:04 a.m. Eastern time and breathlessly told the scandalous story of how Trump first confessed (at long last lol!) to collusion with those pesky Russians and then

Mueller’s latest shot at Trump is the Fort Sumter of the new civil war

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You may not like it, but progressives who refuse to swear allegiance to the Constitution under President Trump are no different than the Southerners who rejected the Constitution under President Lincoln. And when we look back in history, the date of May 29, 2019, will resonate as the day the Second Civil War began. When

A man set himself aflame in DC today — it was Bob Mueller

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There will be many good analyses of the self-immolation performed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller today, but for now you can learn everything you need to know from Sean Davis’s indictment of Mueller at The Federalist. The title says it all: “Mueller Just Proved His Entire Operation Was a Political Hit Job That Trampled

Democratic Senate candidate pleads not guilty to leaving crash scene; national media yawns

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Still no indication that the national media cares, but Democratic Senate candidate Wilmot Collins pleaded not guilty Tuesday to leaving the scene of an accident in Helena, Montana, where he is also mayor. Collins is a top contender for the Democratic nomination to oppose Republican Sen. Steve Daines in November 2020. As I reported earlier,

Mueller breaks silence, and removes all doubt that he is an ass

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whose visage is oddly reminiscent of a gargoyle, has come to life in a scene right out of an old horror movie. Just when you thought the monster was dead, it sits back up and starts cackling about impeachment. Really? Really? Yes, Mueller invited his fellow ghouls in Congress to consider

Bannon and Kobach, all is forgiven; just build the GD wall for us!

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Although I’m for the exact same political goals as Steve Bannon and Kris Kobach, I’ve sometime questioned whether they both let their egos get in the way of their usefulness to President Trump. Bannon, who probably is one of four people besides Trump who can lay claim to being essential in the 2016 victory, has

Victor Davis Hanson exposes the motive of the anti-Trump coup crew — their own guilt

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One more time, I have to praise the great Victor Davis Hanson for his ability to weave a tapestry out of disparate threads. This weekend he painted one of the most clear pictures ever of the coup attempted against President Trump, and especially the motive behind it. In “Colluders, Obstructionists, Leakers, and Other Projectionists,” Hanson’s

Gillette: The razor for people who don’t like men

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I wrote previously about the insane attack on men that Gillette launched with its bizarre “men suck” advertising campaign, but even I was shocked by the slap in the face to men of the company’s latest ad that celebrates transgenderism. “Hey, men,” Gillette seems to be saying, “Even your daughters are better men than you