Brian Williams isn’t a newsman, but he plays one (badly) on MSNBC

It was a day full of pompous self-importance, but for sheer obliviousness we must take a moment to recognize Brian Williams of MSNBC, who is truly in a class by himself.

As Lindsey Graham was opening the hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee today, he said:

“So what have we learned from this report? After all this time and all this money, Mr. Mueller and his team concluded there was no collusion.”

It was too much for Williams, and with good reason! After two years of Williams and every anchor on MSNBC smearing President Trump with the collusion charge, they had actually learned something from the Mueller Report. Turns out there is no actual crime called collusion, so Mueller actually said there was no evidence of a conspiracy or coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia.

So when Sen. Graham used the debunked language of the New York Times and the Washington Post and, yes, MSNBC, it was Brian Williams to the rescue, breaking in to the actual hearing to set the record straight.

“Whoa! Reluctant to do this; we rarely do but the chairman of the Judiciary Committee just said that Mueller found there was no collusion. That is not correct. That phrase or the lack of it, it’s absence from federal code, this ‘no collusion mantra,’ is so foundational to why we’re here today that we decided to flag it when we heard him use it yet again.” (Watch it here.)

Of course, absolutely no sign of awareness from Williams that Trump’s defenders have been shouting for more that two years that collusion is not a crime — or that Mueller’s failure to find conspiracy or coordination with the Russians also means there was no collusion, and that therefore the entire Russia investigation is a cruel hoax.

And as Tucker Carlson pointed out on Fox News, it is just too precious that this “fact check” comes from a guy who was fired as the anchor of “NBC Nightly News” for lying!

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  1. Mr. Miele, thanks for “flagging” Brian Williams “flagging” Lindsey Graham’s opening statement. I’m sorry that you and other fair minded people need to watch these revolting MSNBC and CNN people so that you can save us from having to do it. Of ALL people, Brian “Black Hawk Down” Williams, to “fact check” and call out Lindsey Graham, who is actually a lawyer and doesn’t just play one!! They chose so well, didn’t they? Aside from Matt Lauer, Brian Williams is the highest level of liar going on NBC. If journalists lose the nations’s confidence, I guess they get sent to Hades, i.e., MSNBC or CNN.
    Thanks for keeping us informed.

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