Nadler tries to drag America into the Swamp, but Doug Collins fights back

Rep. Doug Collins was on fire today in the House Judiciary Committee as he fought back against Chairman Jerry Nadler’s anti-Trump, anti-American hypocrisy.

Nadler has maneuvered the Committee so that it wants to turn the oversight hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr into an inquest (or more accurately, an inquisition) whereby he will be questioned by lawyers instead of by House members.

Barr refused to be treated in this manner and therefore did not attend today’s hearing or turn over the unredacted Mueller Report, so now Swamp Creature Nadler is threatening to hold Barr in contempt. Today’s “hearing” was a political hit job, nothing more.

Except it was more, thanks to Collins, who turned it into a profile in courage.

Doug Collins is not a particularly high-profile Republican, but he obviously has a backbone, so unlike some Republicans he can walk upright.

After Nadler’s political speech at the outset, he had to let Collins speak in his role as ranking member of the committee. Collins proceeded to dismantle the entire sophistic reasoning behind Nadler’s charade, demonstrating that the Judiciary Committee had every opportunity to get information out of the attorney general without subjecting him to the indignity of being grilled by angry Democrat lawyers who have no standing as members of Congress. Collins then continued:

“Instead we go back to a circus political stunt because they want it to look like an impeachment hearing…. the reason Bill Barr is not here today is because the Democrats did not want him here….

“I would be remiss if I did not mention the largest tragedy… what happened yesterday on this dais was a tragedy. When you do not recognize members for valid motions, when you call things dilatory — questioning the motives of what members are doing it for … what are the Democrats scared of today? They don’t want Bill Barr here today….

“If the majority wants to run a committee in which minority rights do not matter, parliamentary procedure does not matter … that’s just wrong and should offend everyone on this side.”

As if to put an exclamation point on Collins’ complaint, Nadler, during his final moment of political grandstanding, refused to acknowledge Rep. Matt Gaetz’s “point of parliamentary inquiry” and gaveled the hearing closed without recognizing Gaetz.

Then as Gaetz was speaking after the hearing was closed, his microphone was shut off as though that could silence him. It can’t — and it must not silence the millions of people who stand on the side of truth.

We stand at a turning point. Do we take back the country from the smug reptilian creatures of the swamp, or do we bury our heads in mud and become like unto them?

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