Another Republican traitor; why are we not surprised?

Republican Sen. Richard “Aaron” Burr has earned his nickname with his latest betrayal of President Trump.

Burr, who is bed partners with Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, has subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. in an effort to undermine President Trump now that the Deep State coup has failed. That is also a betrayal of Trump Jr., who previously testified in an session with the Senate Intelligence (oxymoron alert!) Committee with the assurance that he would not be called back.

More importantly, it is also a betrayal of the American people, who want to put the whole fake Russian collusion narrative behind them.

Burr should be removed from his chairmanship by Mitch McConnell, who has already declared the Russia hoax to be “case closed.” But McConnell is not trustworthy either, as we all know, so don’t expect miracles.

Ultimately, Republicans have a Senate problem. John McCain, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake — what did we do to deserve this rogues’ gallery of RINOs?!? Time to clean house.

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2 Replies to “Another Republican traitor; why are we not surprised?”

  1. You are so right, once again! Senator Burr is obviously up to no good. The allegiance of the Democrats was always to Barack Obama whether he was babbling lies or not. The Republicans must LOVE losing because they thwart President Trump at every turn. If they backed him up, even if the Freedom Caucus backed him up when he doesn’t support their ideas, the Republicans would have won seats in the House in 2018. Paul Ryan was a duplicitous snake and hid his contempt for President Trump fairly well, and Mitch hides his contempt pretty well now, but the McCain and Romney “resisters” are just as bad as the resisters led by the sorest sport in American history: Hillary Rotten Clinton. We can’t win if the Republicans choose their egos over the welfare of our country. Murkowski and Collins may not love everything Trump says and does, but so far, everything he has said and done is 100 times better than anything they have proposed. They can very well sell his ideas to the citizens of Alaska and Maine and get behind the President instead of criticizing every move he makes because he and his ideas are not perfect. Who among us IS perfect?? Paul Ryan, sour Lisa Murkowski, whatever-is-she-thinking Susan Collins and now Burr. All subverting the will of the republican party voters. They are only thinking of themselves. Joe Morrisco, Bedminster, Nj 07921

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