Florida doesn’t want illegal aliens; send ’em to sanctuary states instead!

Gov. DeSantis has won his battle with Customs and Border Enforcement to present the agency from sending illegal aliens to Florida from Texas. Instead they are being flown to good old San Diego in the great sanctuary state of California.

As recently as last week, the agency was still touting its plan to ship illegal aliens across the country to a group of seemingly random cities.

In San Diego, interim Border Patrol sector chief Douglas Harrison said Friday that the agency was flying migrants to his location, but was still considering whether to add flights to the Detroit, Buffalo and Miami sectors. The agency’s Miami sector includes all of South Florida.

Not sure about Buffalo or Detroit, but Miami should be a no go. Florida recently passed a new law to ban sanctuary cities.

States that promote responsible enforcement of immigration laws should not be asked to suffer the burden of caring for thousands (millions?) of illegal aliens just because the federal government is incompetent.

Since there are states and cities that say illegal immigrants are welcome, it is only right for the federal government to send them where they are welcome.

This goes right along with President Trump’s tweet a few weeks ago that he would be happy to send illegal aliens to sanctuary cities. I wrote about that masterstroke last week and now it looks like it may come to fruition.

Another win for President Trump, with an assist from Gov. DeSantis!

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