Gov. Bullock is one more Democrat RAM (Radicals Acting Moderate); tell him to butt out!

Did you catch Montana Gov. Steve. Bullock on “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper?

He’s not a moderate but he plays one on TV. His big act is that he’s just a down-home plain-spoken all-American boy next door who can beat Trump. If he does, God help us because he’s no different than Hillary Clinton when it comes to policies.

You can read my analysis of Bullock in my column tomorrow at or here at

I propose a new designation for Democrats like Bullock who get elected with the help of Republicans but then govern like typical socialist Democrats — RAMs (“Radicals Acting Moderate”).

Don’t be fooled by Bullock and his phony act. Like all of the RAMs, he just cares about getting elected and then governs like every other Democrat.

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