All hell breaks loose in Washington — it’s about time!

This morning, in a move worthy of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, the Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told reporters that President Donald Trump is engaged in a “cover-up” of unnamed crimes.

She then proceeded to the White House with Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to talk about plans for an infrastructure spending plan with Trump, as if the Democratic attack on the president would not impact the ability of the two sides to work together on other matters.

President Trump apparently disabused them of that foolish notion as soon as the two Democrats sat down in the Oval Office.

To paraphrase, the president told Pelosi and Schumer: “You can have impeachment or you can have infrastructure, but you can’t have both.”

Good for him. It is time for the president to fight back. As he rightfully pointed out, he has cooperated fully with the Mueller investigation of the fake Russia collusion narrative. Now he needs to take off the gloves and get to work for some bare-knuckle brawling. It’s “Bad Day at Black Rock” and the bad guys are coming to town. Whether or not anyone else in the capital will come to the president’s aid or not is irrelevant — he needs to do what is right. He started that process with his impromptu statement in the Rose Garden today, but it needs to go further.

I hope like hell President Trump is going to order the release of all the classified documents that will show us the scope of the Deep State conspiracy against him, and I hope the American people can lift their noses out of their iPhones long enough to figure out who is the good guy and who are the bad guys.

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