Transparent Trump trips up the press with honest answers to their rabid questions

Does anyone remember any president who was so willing to speak to the press as President Trump?

Obviously not, even though the mainstream media has been grossly unfair to him, yet Trump is always willing to engage with reporters such as he did again this morning on his way out of the White House to visit Japan. All I can think is that he regards these interactions with the rabid press as sport.

Today, he was on the top of his game, especially when it came to his response to the Democrats’ increasingly dangerous threats to him. President Trump explained that Attorney a General Barr will have complete freedom to declassify anything that is relevant to how the investigation of the Trump campaign began.

“Anything that they needed to see [that was] classified, they’ll be able see — how the hoax or witch hunt started and why it started. It was an attempted coup or attempted takedown of the president of the United States. It should never ever happen to anybody else.”

Of course the reporters — or at least one of them — tried to play defense for the Democrats, accusing Trump of declassifying the documents as “payback” for what he has been put through by the Democrats. No, said President Trump, it’s not payback.

“This is all about what happened and when did it happen. It was an attempted takedown of the president of the United States, and we have to find out why did somebody write a text message that ‘if she loses we have an insurance policy’ to take down the president. We will find out what happened and why it happened. I don’t think about payback.”

What is remarkable is that a highly paid reporter on the most important news beat in the world could have absolutely no interest in finding out what happened in the greatest dirty trick in U.S. political history.

President Trump took on one reporter directly after she asked him why the American people should trust Attorney General Barr: “Even Robert Mueller expressed concerns about the way Barr handled his findings.”

That is a Democratic talking point, not an accurate statement, since Mueller actually expressed concern about how the media were reporting about his findings, not about Barr’s four-page letter itself.

Trump’s response: “The question is so phony.”

Hallelujah! This president don’t take no prisoners!

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The best example of that was when ABC’s Jonathan Karl tried to “shame” the president for his response to Nancy Pelosi after she said she was worried about the president and thought he needed an intervention, possibly including removal from office.

“What do you hope to accomplish with your personal attacks on the speaker — you’re saying she’s lost it …”

President Trump interrupted Karl and singled him out for one-sided reporting:

“Excuse me, this just shows how fake you and the news are. When you say a personal attack, did you hear what she said about me long before I went after her? Did you hear? She said horrible statements. She knows they are not true. She said terrible things. I just responded.”

Of course, we could not expect Karl to whine about Pelosi’s personal attacks on Trump. That’s because Pelosi and Karl are on the same side. We call it the Deep Swamp!

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