Why CNN is fake news, even when it is opinion!

I decided to venture into the Deep Swamp of Fake News today to find out how the left-wing media was reacting to President Trump’s decision to declassify the intelligence that led the CIA and the FBI to spy on his campaign in 2016.

I needn’t have bothered. The response was as predictable as the liberal media heads exploding on Nov. 8, 2016, when it became clear that Trump had been elected President.

I could only stand so much of this Henny Penny panic, so I turned it off just after watching Wolf Blitzer lead a panel of four fellow libs in a session of garment rending and tooth gnashing the likes of which hasn’t been seen since biblical days!

It was no surprise that two of the members of Blitzer’s panel were Obama era spooks. Susan Hennessey was a National Security Agency attorney during the Obama years, and Samantha Vinograd was a senior adviser to the National Security Adviser to President Obama (presumably her fellow CNN flunky James Clapper).

Hennessey started out the segment by claiming (“without proof,” as they always say about President Trump) that Barr is “especially interested in the CIA’s human assets in Russia. That’s the kind of information that if improperly revealed can actually lead to somebody being killed.”

Why would Barr be interested in the CIA’s assets in Russia unless it turned out they were being used to spread disinformation about Trump, as the New York Times alleged. And if they were, then who would want to protect them except their own co-conspirators?

Of course, Hennessey tried to make the issue all about protecting the bureaucracy, not about the spies protecting their own asses.

“The mere fact that we’re having this discussion, that we’re raising questions about whether or not the United States is fully committed to protecting classified information, that’s going to make assets less likely to want to help us in the future, allies less likely to want to share information with us, and so that itself is a form of compromise.”

Yeah, except the Attorney General would never release anything that would put someone in danger. He would redact any dangerous information, just like he did with the Mueller Report (and which no doubt he was criticized by Ms. Hennessey for doing).

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So then Blitzer turns to Vinograd, who turns out to be even more self-righteous as she examines the president’s statement that he hopes Barr will investigate UK, Australia and Ukraine involvement in the Russia hoax.

“Well, the president just named three US allies that he now wants to investigate. I have yet to hear him say that he wants the Department of Justice to investigate Russia — that would be a decent place to start.”

Excuse me! Didn’t Robert Mueller just spend two years investigating Russia? Are these people serious!?! And as for our three “allies” — are we just supposed to give them a free pass for interfering in our elections? Really!?!

Even fellow panelist Ryan Lizza, a CNN political analyst, could not stand by and listen to this nonsense without pushing back. He made it clear he didn’t trust Barr and thought he would spin the intelligence to help Trump, but at least he didn’t buy the BS being pushed by Hennessey and Vinograd. He said that we should not be scared of declassifying data that is “old and historically significant” and that “we need to know everything that happened in this investigation.”

Too bad he couldn’t stop there. Instead he had to go all Democratic and talk about how Trump and Barr were applying a double standard.

“What Democrats are asking for on the Mueller Report is being rejected, and he’s putting it [the power to declassify] in the hands of an attorney general who has proved to be a political actor mostly interested in defending the president.”

Talk about apples and oranges! The Mueller Report has been concluded and released to the public. The underlying documentation or evidence that Congress wants has been thoroughly investigated. If there were anything nefarious there, we can be sure Mueller would have found it. The evidence of a plot against the Trump campaign, on the other hand, has been ignored, denied and generally swept under the rug. That’s why the president’s order is so important.

Sorry, that was only the first five minutes of Blitzer’s attack on the president, but I just couldn’t bring myself to watch more! Anyway, you get the idea!

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