Mueller breaks silence, and removes all doubt that he is an ass

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whose visage is oddly reminiscent of a gargoyle, has come to life in a scene right out of an old horror movie. Just when you thought the monster was dead, it sits back up and starts cackling about impeachment.

Really? Really?

Yes, Mueller invited his fellow ghouls in Congress to consider impeaching the president when he noted that the Constitution “requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse the president of wrongdoing.”

All in all, what we saw this morning was evidence that Mueller is part of the conspiracy against Trump. If Mueller had maintained his stoic silence, we could have just been left wondering whether he was an ass, but then he opened his mouth and removed all doubt. Watch for yourself:

With less than two hours’ public notice, the Justice Department provided a stage for the man who would not “exonerate” President Trump despite spending two years ignoring any and all evidence that exonerated Trump. Mueller made a stammering eight-minute statement, but did not take questions. In fact he said he will not testify before Congress either. That is important because it means there can be no cross-examination of Mueller. We are supposed to just accept his statement as fact and cannot challenge it or make Mueller answer questions about his own motives and methods.

Mueller made a number of damaging assertions, all like his report itself based on the presumption that Trump could not speak out against the Witch Hunt without obstructing justice. This is a ridiculous standard which turns justice on it very head.

Among other points, Mueller said that Justice Department policy had prevented him from considering charging President Trump with a crime. This of course leaves the impression that Trump should have been charged with a crime were he not president.

“Charging the president with the crime was not an option that we could consider. Under longstanding department policy, a president cannot be charged with a federal crime,” Mueller said.

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This presumption of guilt was further asserted by Mueller when he said “if we had confidence the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

Well, if they had charged Trump with a crime simply because he questioned the legitimacy of the investigation, that would have been the ultimate proof that the entire proceeding was a political procedure, not a judicial one. Everything in Volume 2 of Mueller’s report (the obstruction deliberations) is based on the idea that presidential outrage at being falsely accused of a crime is itself a crime. It makes the blood boil to see Mueller continue this public charade.

Hopefully, Mueller’s statement will be his last public effort to undermine President Trump. Do you really think it is a coincidence that Mueller went on TV less than 24 hours after his protege James Comey wrote his own last-ditch effort to distract from the crimes of the FBI and the Justice Department? I don’t. I would also note the curious “coincidence” that Mueller issued his statement from the Justice Department on a day when Attorney General Barr is conveniently in Alaska.

You will see the Democrats emboldened by Mueller’s performance as the Crypt Keeper this morning, and so while Mueller enjoys his retirement, the country will be going to hell.

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2 Replies to “Mueller breaks silence, and removes all doubt that he is an ass”

  1. Mueller continues his role as a swamp rat. How could anyone with a sense of morality create such a public spectacle upon his resignation? The Rats continue their seditious efforts to destroy all faith in our institutions of law. It will take decades for the FBI and DOJ to recover their heretofore coveted position of defenders of equal justice. Only those without soul would do what Mueller did today and the others have done over the past few years. For a liberal republic democracy as ours, they have gone a bridge too far and well beyond treason. RLS

    1. Thanks for your spot-on condemnation of the “rats”! Your outrage is shared by many. I don’t think people fully comprehend Mueller’s perfidy yet. He apparently is the payout on the insurance policy.

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