Mueller’s latest shot at Trump is the Fort Sumter of the new civil war

You may not like it, but progressives who refuse to swear allegiance to the Constitution under President Trump are no different than the Southerners who rejected the Constitution under President Lincoln.

And when we look back in history, the date of May 29, 2019, will resonate as the day the Second Civil War began. When Robert Mueller fired his shot at the Constitution yesterday — in particular by denying the president the right to the presumption of innocence — he was inciting a rebellion just as surely as when those Confederate soldiers shot on the Union Army at Fort Sumter in 1861 to begin the first U.S. Civil War.

It is almost certain now, thanks to the orchestration of Mueller — or his handlers — that the United States will be dragged through the trauma of an unjust impeachment that will tear the country apart. Forevermore the Democrats will be known as Johnny Rebs and once again the Republicans will be the party of the Union.

Should you need evidence of the unbridgeable divide between the two factions in this country, you could find it in the headlines at Real Clear Politics over the last 24 hours. Here they are:

  • Shame on Robert Mueller
  • True to Form, Mueller Delivers the Facts
  • It’s Clear: Mueller Desperately Wanted to Take Down Trump
  • Democrats, Do Your Damned Duty and Impeach Trump!
  • The Russian Interference Mueller Didn’t Investigate
  • Mr. Mueller, We Need to Hear More
  • Mueller’s ‘Final Statement’ Was a Disgraceful Mess
  • Impeachment Would Affirm the Will of the People
  • Jim Comey & Robert Mueller: Two Peas in a Pod
  • Decoding Robert Mueller
  • Mueller Must Testify Before Congress
  • Robert Mueller Should Have Said This Weeks Ago
  • Mueller’s Final Statement Turns Jurisprudence on its Head
  • Mueller: Trump Is Not a Criminal
  • Mueller Proves His Probe Was a Scheming Political Hit Job
  • Impeachment Process Will be a Winner for House Dems
  • One headline you did not see shouts so loud that it should be imprinted in our very hearts: “A house divided against itself cannot long stand.”

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