Trump makes history while his opponents make trouble

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I stayed up late last night to watch a great president make history in North Korea. I woke up early to watch a pack of Democrat jackals nip at his heels. I eagerly await 2020 to watch the Republican president kick the jackals into oblivion. The president’s spontaneous decision to invite himself to a meeting

Andrew Sullivan talks common sense about immigration, asylum and Democratic insanity

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I’ve written several times (here and here) about the enigma of journalist Andrew Sullivan, who may be the ultimate swing voter. He is capable of brilliant insights about the dangers of the left and yet has this huge blind spot in front of him called Donald Trump. Well, his new column may offer the best

Some random thoughts about the disastrous Dem debates

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Is it just me, or was the JV night of the Democratic debacle — er, debate — much more interesting, entertaining and informative than the star-studded spectacle the following night?  Yes, night two had its moments, but the moderators were apparently afraid of the high-octane candidates on stage, which resulted in one of two things

Who’s worse? Justice Ginsburg or Justice Roberts?

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You know the answer. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed by liberal president Bill Clinton and votes like a liberal. Chief Justice John Roberts was appointed by conservative President George W. Bush and votes like Ruth Bader Ginsburg. ’Nuff said? I wrote a column some time ago where I called Roberts the worst chief justice

A new political low as Highlights children’s magazine goes after Trump over immigration

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You probably read about the knitting interest-group website that banned Trump supporters. That makes about as much sense as a grocery store banning food lovers, right? But at least the target of the scorn was grown-ass people who could be expected to know why they support the president and his policies. Now a new low

MSNBC gets thrill up its leg for Bobby Mueller as also-ran Dems gasp for airtime

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Since the first Democratic debate is airing on NBC tonight, I decided to spend part of the afternoon slumming in “MSNBC crazy town” to see how their Fake News squad was handicapping the carnival. Imagine my surprise when instead of talking about the Big Game, they were obsessed with Robert Mueller instead. It’s almost as

Project Veritas plays David to Google’s Goliath and slays the giant!

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Wow! Talk about a complete lack of self-awareness! The “mea no culpa” written by Google exec Jen Gennai on Medium yesterday shows a callow shallowness not seen since the days of the proverbial Valley Girl. Either that or an utterly disingenuous denial of guilt the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Eve had to

Mueller is the dead killer who just won’t die

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You know that horror movie where the crazed slasher has been shot, spindled and mutilated but just won’t die? Well that dead killer who isn’t dead is played by Robert Mueller in the big D.C. thriller called “The Insurance Policy,” and he’s coming after our hero, President Trump, one more time. Mueller has agreed to

‘The Media Matrix’ spotlighted by Tim Donner on Liberty Nation radio

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I did a short interview with Tim Donner on his “Liberty Nation” radio show last weekend, and I have now transferred the interview to a video format at YouTube. Tim is a great gentleman who regularly promotes the conservative agenda on his radio program and elsewhere. He reached out to me to talk about my

Clarence Thomas issues stern rebuke of Kavanaugh

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One week after I wrote that Justice Clarence Thomas is the only reliable conservative vote on the Supreme Court, he proved it once again with his scolding rebuke of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s majority decision in Flowers v. Mississippi. You can read the details of the case in Daniel Horowitz’s excellent analysis at Conservative Review, but