Project Veritas plays David to Google’s Goliath and slays the giant!

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Wow! Talk about a complete lack of self-awareness! The “mea no culpa” written by Google exec Jen Gennai on Medium yesterday shows a callow shallowness not seen since the days of the proverbial Valley Girl. Either that or an utterly disingenuous denial of guilt the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Eve had to

Mueller is the dead killer who just won’t die

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You know that horror movie where the crazed slasher has been shot, spindled and mutilated but just won’t die? Well that dead killer who isn’t dead is played by Robert Mueller in the big D.C. thriller called “The Insurance Policy,” and he’s coming after our hero, President Trump, one more time. Mueller has agreed to

‘The Media Matrix’ spotlighted by Tim Donner on Liberty Nation radio

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I did a short interview with Tim Donner on his “Liberty Nation” radio show last weekend, and I have now transferred the interview to a video format at YouTube. Tim is a great gentleman who regularly promotes the conservative agenda on his radio program and elsewhere. He reached out to me to talk about my

Clarence Thomas issues stern rebuke of Kavanaugh

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One week after I wrote that Justice Clarence Thomas is the only reliable conservative vote on the Supreme Court, he proved it once again with his scolding rebuke of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s majority decision in Flowers v. Mississippi. You can read the details of the case in Daniel Horowitz’s excellent analysis at Conservative Review, but

Some unsolicited campaign advice for President Trump from me (via Agatha Christie)

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Had some fun with my column at Real Clear Politics today by becoming an ersatz campaign adviser to President Trump. The advice is entirely sound though, so maybe he will take a look at it. The idea comes from “Murder on the Orient Express,” the classic murder mystery by Agatha Christie, but in my version

Biden’s ‘politics as usual’ can’t survive in the party of political correctness

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I was intrigued by the latest Joe Biden “gaffe” where he said he understood the value of civility in public debate, and then was promptly condemned by his fellow Democrats for talking about how he has always been able to get along with people who had different ideas than him. It reminded me of Sen.

Check out ‘The Media Matrix’ on ‘Liberty Nation’ today

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You will be able to catch me on the June 23 segment of the “Liberty Nation” radio show. Host Tim Donner and I discuss my new book “The Media Matrix” and how difficult it is to trust the information coming at us from a thousand different directions, especially in an era where there is outright

Andrew Weissmann cashes in on his anti-trump witch hunt

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As the title of an old movie would have it, there is “Nothing Sacred” — certainly not when it comes to a prosecutor who would put partisan interests ahead of country like Andrew Weissmann, the duplicitous lawyer who went from Hillary Clinton supporter to Trump persecutor.
 So it comes as no surprise that Weissmann is

FactCheck.Org doesn’t pass the fairness test

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For the second time in just over a week, I am giving a shoutout to Kalev Leetaru at Real Clear Politics for clear-eyed analysis of media skulduggery. Last week, it was Leetaru’s exposing the hypocrisy of CNN’s Chris Cillizza for calling speculation about Joe Biden’s health “baseless attacks” while his own network had done extensive

N.Y. Times doesn’t even wait 24 hours to prove it really is treasonous — just like Trump said!

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“What you are shouts so loud I cannot hear what you say.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson If ever Emerson’s words were given better exposition than yesterday by the New York Times, I would be amazed. In the Thursday Wall Street Journal, Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger complained about President Trump accusing the paper of treason. The headline