‘Man of destiny’ Trump stands tall during London visit

I’m loving our president standing tall as he visits the United Kingdom and prepares to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Did you watch President Trump with Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Theresa May and Prince Charles? It was great to see the President be both respectful and yet realistic as he talked about our great alliance and what must be done by both countries to return to greatness.

It is safe to say that President Trump learned from the disastrous decision of Europe to open its borders to an immigration invasion and fashioned much of his own winning campaign on vowing that the U.S. would not make the same mistakes. Unfortunately, he did not count of the duplicitous Democrats and the RINO Republicans fighting so hard to make Mexico and Central America our personal responsibility.

Still, the president is fighting the good fight, and like Winston Churchill he will never surrender. Whether it’s telling off the pipsqueak mayor of London, the derelict demonstrators in the streets or the Mexican government itself, Trump can be counted on to do us proud. He is a man of destiny and always lives up to the mantle of president.

Can’t wait for him to beat the Democrats back on impeachment, tariffs and the border, then win re-election in a “shocking” landslide!

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