Heartland Diary picks the Top 5 Fox Hosts

So I’m trying to find some interesting, fun content to put up for you on my new page at YouTube. I started out today by picking the Top 5 hosts on Fox News and Fox Business. You can see the video below!

You probably won’t be surprised that four of my Top 5 (actually 6, since there was a tie for fifth place!) are from Fox Business. Fox News has largely lost its way, but there are still bright spots, including Judge Jeanine Pirro!

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Up next: The Bottom 5 at Fox! Hmmm, that ought to be easy!



4 Jeanine-Pirro

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4 Replies to “Heartland Diary picks the Top 5 Fox Hosts”

  1. I agree with your choices, but my preference would be Judge Janine (sp?) then Tucker then Varney…Bob and I have breakfast with Varney every morning.

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