John Dean and the root cause of TDS — it all starts with ‘a knot in the stomach’

Nothing I heard at Monday’s Watergate hearing (oh wait, the faux Trump impeachment hearing!) better summarized the entire raison d’etre for the last two years of “presidential harassment” than the following words of John Dean, the convicted obstructor of justice who was the Democrats’ star witness in the Star Chamber:

“Congressman, when I worked for Mr. Nixon I was never really worried about what the outcome would be or how it would be resolved. I’ve got to tell you that from the day Mr. Trump was nominated and I was following a separate set of polls of the Los Angeles Times as well as the Monmouth Poll and it looked pretty clear to these pollsters that Mr. Trump had a very good chance of winning …, I began developing a knot in my stomach that sits there to this day — so I’m trying to deal with that in the best way I can to try to tell people these are troubled times.”

That, ladies and gentleman, is the entire root cause of the Mueller investigation in a nut shell. That knot in the stomach is exactly what FBI agent Peter Strzok felt when he created the insurance policy to bring down Trump should he be elected. It is the same knot in the stomach that motivated His Holiness James Comey when he set the president-elect up with his dossier briefing. It is no doubt the same knot that was in Deep State Overlord Bob Mueller’s stomach when he heard that his buddy Comey was fired by that uncouth outsider Trump.

In fact, the entire attack on Trump comes down to the visceral hatred these Deep State goons and Never Trumpers feel toward not just Donald Trump, but also toward Trump voters. We cannot reason with them. We cannot hope they will come to their senses. They hate our president and they hate us, and they will stop at nothing to take back power for themselves.

I think John Dean was right when he said he never worried about the outcome when he worked for Nixon, but sadly Dean and the other victims of Trump Derangement Syndrome still don’t care about the outcome of their political lynch mob. They will gladly destroy the country if it will free them of that horrible knot in their stomach. All that matters is that Trump must be vanquished, and the devil take the hindmost.

Frank Miele writes from Kalispell, Montana, at and is a columnist at Real Clear Politics. To support my work, please consider buying my “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy, which documents the downward spiral of the USA before Trump arrived on the scene. The books are available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions. Thanks! Also visit Heartland Diary on YouTube at

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  1. Good take. As usual. Enjoying Media Matrix,
    In Bigfork for the summer. Always read your Two Cents back awhile.
    Real Clear is a trustworthy source and your deserved home.

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