Bullock and Bernie both got screwed by the DNC

Much as I don’t like him, Steve Bullock got screwed by the Democratic National Committee.

Bullock was informed Thursday that he didn’t qualify for the debate stage in Iowa — apparently because the DNC didn’t want him there. That’s the only possible conclusion after the DNC changed the eligibility rules for the first debate in a way that only hurt Bullock, the governor or Montana.

Of course, we know it’s not the first time the DNC has put its thumb on the scale to hurt a candidate. Bernie Sanders got screwed royally in 2016 by everything the DNC did.

In this case, the DNC said that the polls where Bullock had gained support would not count because they were “open ended.” That means the pollster didn’t read a list of names to the respondents but just asked them who they support. Of course that is much more indicative of real support since people need to volunteer a name, but it didn’t work out for the DNC because they apparently don’t want Bullock included. Apparently he might steal the spotlight from Bill DeBlasio or something, so 20 other candidates will debate without Bullock. Maybe NewAge guru Marianne Williamson can channel Bullock while she is on the stage!

We already know the DNC is a corrupt organization; this is just more evidence.

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