Andrew Weissmann cashes in on his anti-trump witch hunt

As the title of an old movie would have it, there is “Nothing Sacred” — certainly not when it comes to a prosecutor who would put partisan interests ahead of country like Andrew Weissmann, the duplicitous lawyer who went from Hillary Clinton supporter to Trump persecutor.

So it comes as no surprise that Weissmann is cashing in on his tenure as the lead hyena in the Mueller Witch Hunt by signing a book deal with Random House.
Weissmann, who attended Hillary Clinton’s “victory party,” was responsible for keeping alive the Russia collusion hoax by prosecuting Paul Manafort on years-old charges involving the Ukraine that had nothing to do with Trump. He is also famous for prosecutorial excess in the Enron case and has been reversed by the Supreme Court for his unlawful prosecutions.

Robert Mueller himself is the only other member of the special counsel’s team with the name recognition of Weissmann, and I suspect Mueller will not write a book because he would have to expose his own role in being played for a sucker by his friends Weissmann and James Comey. But Weissmann will happily park his self-righteous reflections next to those of “Higher Loyalty” Comey at the cut-out bin at Barnes & Noble.

Disgusting, shameless continuation of the “insurance policy” taken out against Donald Trump’s presidency.

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  1. I sometimes wonder when hearing of such contemptuous partisan political actions by lawyers who are supposed to protect our citizens and the law that the country has little chance for survival. How can we survive if they put their political hatred ahead of the good of the country by participating in the very same kind of plots they accuse others. Mueller, Comey, and his whole gaggle of prosecutors have disgraced themselves along with the FBI and the DOJ. Mr. Barr has a long and hard row of corn to hoe to kill the infestations of such craven government professionals and redirect theses agencies to honesty and virtue. The Founders feared most of all that the country will not succeed if those who lead lose their virtue. How else can one explain the Hoax they have perpetrated upon us for their own personal reasons other than loss of professional virtue? It really has become a swamp that needs to be drained! RLS

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