‘The Media Matrix’ spotlighted by Tim Donner on Liberty Nation radio

I did a short interview with Tim Donner on his “Liberty Nation” radio show last weekend, and I have now transferred the interview to a video format at YouTube.

Tim is a great gentleman who regularly promotes the conservative agenda on his radio program and elsewhere. He reached out to me to talk about my new book “The Media Matrix: What If Everything You Know Is Fake?” and I was happy to oblige. It was a short segment so we mostly talked about the general ideas of the book and how Fake News is a product of the information sphere we blindly inhabit.

Mark Levin has a book out called “Unfreedom of the Press” which will sell hundreds of thousands of copies. If I am lucky I will sell hundreds, so I am really grateful to Tim for giving me a platform! “The Media Matrix” and “Why We Needed Trump” are available on Amazon.

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One Reply to “‘The Media Matrix’ spotlighted by Tim Donner on Liberty Nation radio”

  1. That is a really nice interview and I hope you have many more as your work and thoughts are important to the people. Not many former journalists, if any, are willing to take on their profession in order to better it as you have. Others should join you if they truly believed what they were writing throughout their professional careers was not fake news. For the others, it would cleanse their past of pandering if they fessed up and joined the truth train. All should read the Matrix as it will surely make you wonder about what you have been led to believe as news is true. Fake news is an evil act foisted upon the public by a group of charlatans seeking personal powers through nefarious means. It is an outlandish attack upon our constitutional republic especially by a group that has Constitutional protection. The brave write the truth to straighten our Republic , the others write fake news to weaken it. RLS

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