Some random thoughts about the disastrous Dem debates

Is it just me, or was the JV night of the Democratic debacle — er, debate — much more interesting, entertaining and informative than the star-studded spectacle the following night?

 Yes, night two had its moments, but the moderators were apparently afraid of the high-octane candidates on stage, which resulted in one of two things — pandering to the establishment-sanctioned party leaders with repeated questions or letting the 1 percenters shout at each other in a desperate ploy for airtime. 

According to the gatekeepers in the media, Kamala Harris cleaned Joe Biden’s clock and emerged as the little loudmouth who could. Maybe so. Democrats do like shrill scolding voices and she had the shrillest of them all. Personally I would love to see her emerge as the Democratic nominee because her smug self-satisfaction approaches Hillary levels, which should guarantee a Trump victory in November 2020.

For my money, Biden actually came across as relatively sympathetic and stable. The far-left moderators and analysts, of course, tried to shiv him because stable is bad for business, but I think Biden will still far outweigh Harris even with Democratic primary voters.

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The big winners on the first night according to the handicappers on the left were Julian Castro and Cory Booker. Maybe that’s because they were two of the three candidates to pander for Latino votes by speaking Spanish. Sorry, folks, but Trump will increase his percentage of the Latino vote just by dint of his pro-America policies even if he never utters one word of Spanish — well maybe he should stick with “bad hombres” since that is a winner for him!

Speaking Spanish is just not a policy point, as much as we can applaud the earnest efforts of Booker to try to go mano a mano with Castro for the linguistic pandering vote. (By the way, why isn’t it cultural appropriation for Booker and Beto O’Rourke to campaign in their non-native language? From their positions of power and privilege, have they really earned the right to speak the language of the oppressed? Or something like that. I confess I get a little confused about who is appropriating what — especially with all those illegal aliens appropriating the right to cross the border without a visa).

Both nights of the extended debate focused on who could give away more of what faster to who. It was a pathetic show of socialism, which I will write more about in my Monday column at Real Clear Politics.

I suppose one of the low points of the debates was when Amy Klobuchar forgot her memorized speech about free college and said she was worried about providing a college education for rich kids. The poor dears!

But the prize for pandering above and beyond the call of duty has to go to Castro for his politically correct but anatomically incorrect concern about the reproductive rights of “trans females.” Some poor campaign schmuck probably had to sit Castro down afterwards and explain to him the plumbing arrangements that make “trans females” incapable of having either  babies or abortions. Still I’m sure the “trans male” population was glad to know that Castro was lobbying for their reproductive rights not to have children since they presumably became male because they didn’t want to be reminded that they had women’s bits in the first place. Or something like that.

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The only Democrat who came off like an authentic principled patriot was Tulsi Gabbard. Even though she is a social progressive, she is also the only Democrat brave enough to argue against the foreign wars that have largely bankrupted our country (remember the national debt?). Even Ron Paul had nice things to say about her.

Frank Miele writes from Kalispell, Montana, at and is a columnist at Real Clear Politics. To read more of my columns about the Dishonest Media, the Deep Swamp, the failed presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and Trump’s war to restore American greatness, read my “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy or “The Media Matrix: What If Everything You Know Is Fake?”. They are available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions. 

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  1. Looks as if Loony Tunes is back on the National stage. Each message by the Chorus is more garbled than the other. The winner in my view is Joseph Stalin, or others of his ilk, who are rolling with glee in their graves. RLS

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