How insane are liberals? They have put Colin Kaepernick in charge of marketing!

Some days you just wish you could have stayed in bed — or at least not read the latest news.

It seems like the liberal virus is becoming dangerously virulent, and the “walking insane” are becoming more bold as they strike out against normal Americans.

Not sure if I can keep up with the news, but I will endeavor to bring to your attention some of the more egregious examples of liberal stupidity on a recurring basis.

Yesterday, we learned that Nike has withdrawn its pro-American sneakers after failed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick complained about the footwear featuring the original US flag designed by Betsy Ross.

Say what? Yep, it turns out that there were slaves in some of the original 13 colonies, so the first flag of the United States must therefore be a racist dog whistle or something like that.

I mean I guess this is what happens when you turn your marketing over to a proven extortionist like Kaepernick — a guy who couldn’t even lead a football team and who happens to be one of the most despised people on Earth.

I suppose this means that everything that happened before 1865 is off-limits in America, but we can’t stop there — the Jim Crow South lasted up through the 1960s, so there shall be no mention of anything from that era either. Come to think of it, I don’t think we can refer to any American history at all. Period. Because there have always been ugly incidents that spoil our pretense of perfection. Just ask Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the patron saint of racist policing policies.

What I am waiting for now is for the thought police on the left to realize that they have just witnessed a major misogynistic mugging of a female culture hero. How dare the testosterone-fueled Kaepernick engage in his campaign against the culturally oppressed Betsy Ross! After all, if the racist George Washington had not been a sexist pig, he would have asked her to lead his army instead of telling her to pick up a thread and needle and engage in “women’s work” sewing imperialistic banners to oppress the exploited masses of our slavery state!

Come to think of it, isn’t Nike exploiting slave labor in some Third World death camp in Southeast Asia so that they can pay exorbitant extortion fees to morons like Colin Kaepernick so that they can pretend to be politically correct while actually just getting rich like the rest of the capitalist pigs???!!!

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You gotta love liberals for their ability to turn a blind eye to their own culpability while at the same time condemning the rest of us to a life without cute patriotic sneakers!

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4 Replies to “How insane are liberals? They have put Colin Kaepernick in charge of marketing!”

  1. They just can’t help themselves. It appears to be in their DNA. You might have noticed an article lifted from AP in today’s paper reporting on President Trump’s new press secretary running interference against the NORK goons to allow the press in for his meeting with Little Rocket Man. Then at the last paragraph the AP took the opportunity to slam her predecessor. The news pages and the opinion pages have merged.

    1. Hi Cy: I did see that article and noticed the same paragraph! Hopefully the new Press Sec won’t restore daily briefings for the media mob

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