Assault on Andy Ngo is convincing evidence of American liberty at risk

As we celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, it is imperative that patriotic Americans look squarely at the assault on our country’s founding principles and ask ourselves if we are prepared to let it all slip away. American liberty is under assault, and that’s not just a metaphor.

By now you have no doubt heard about the attack on conservative journalist Andy Ngo in Portland last weekend by left-wing Antifa radicals. He has written about the experience in a Wall Street Journal op-ed but it was even more chilling to see Ngo interviewed by David Asman on “Varney & Company” on Fox Business News on Tuesday morning.

The video of the incident is absolutely stunning, as this slight young man was set upon by a mob of masked men who kicked him, beat him, stole from him and tried to blind him. All of this in the plain sight of Portland police who were following their usual practice of allowing left-wing thugs to be unhindered in their lawless assault on the public.

Ngo, who was hospitalized and diagnosed with a brain bleed as the result of the attack, spoke to Asman in a dazed monotone days after the attack. His scars were evident on his face and in his demeanor.

“On Saturday I was covering a protest that was organized by Antifa in Portand. this is one of the beats I cover leiving in a city that has a lot of far left activists… They were marching oronically around the Justice Center, which houses the central police precinct and the sheriff’s office and courthouses. … They were chanting no fear no hate and then suddenly I was bashed in the back of the head. Before I could  really figure out what just happened to me, the punches kept coming in every direction. and then eventually they escalated it to throwing liquid in my face that blinde dme so I couldnt even see which way to leave. I could still see the justice center in the background and kept thinking that he police were going to come and help me at any moment but that never happened.”

According to a later report by Elizabeth McDonald, Ngo’s attorney has said that she will “sue everyone in sight,” which hopefully will mean in particular the city of Portland and the Portland police, who have been trained to stand down when confronted by left-wing violence. 

If we lose the freedom to walk our own streets in front of the police without being attacked by thugs, then it may well be time to start thinking about why there was an American Revolution in the first place, and whether we are willing to fight to defend the precious liberty our ancestors blessed us with.

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