Despicable Chris Matthews denounces Fourth of July celebration

I was planning to wait until the morning of July 4 to thank President Trump for his grand Fourth of July celebration. But then (only because Lou Dobbs was taking the day off) I turned on “Hardball With Chris Matthews” and saw one of the most outrageous attempts to politicize our national holiday I have ever seen.

Matthews deigned to speak on behalf of the nation when he denounced the Fourth of July celebration as anti-American because it was to include military tanks and planes as a display of our national strength. According to know-it-all Matthews, military might had nothing to do with the Fourth of July.

“Tomorrow we celebrate the high human standards of our Founders — ‘We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….’ The Fourth of July is therefore, because of these words, essentially the celebration of American ideals, of equality, of national unity, of freedom from a bullying government, of the dignity of the individual person. Yet it is on this Fourth of July, in this city, that this president has decreed that a procession of combat tanks will line the capital while the president speaks to the nation flanked by the nation’s highest ranking military chiefs.”

Well let’s just hold it right there. Yes, the Declaration of Independence was full of noble words, but it did not by itself ensure those “high human standards” that Matthews claims to espouse. Indeed, by itself, the Declaration would be worth no more than the paper it was written on. It was the Continental Army, led by George Washington, that delivered our independence, and if we cannot celebrate that victory — and the sacrifice paid by that army to ensure our liberty — then the pursuit of happiness has no meaning at all. Moreover, the independence we celebrate would have long since disappeared were we not willing and able to defend it, so stuff it, Christopher! We will enjoy our Fourth with fireworks (which manifestly symbolize warfare by the way) and with tanks and fly-overs.

But Matthews just could not celebrate with us. Instead he used this great celebration as a means to insult President Trump and to  remind us that leftist thugs will be out in force to try to prevent patriotic Americans from enjoying their holiday.

For the first time in the history of our democratic republic, we are being instructed to honor not the values of our Declaration of Independence but the power of our military and — this must be said — the grandeur of Donald J. Trump’s personal self. There is of course a danger being risked in such a promenade tomorrow. Many who come to Washington will come to champion this president. Others here in Washington on the Mall tomorrow will not be so moved. A country already divided with such malice by this president faces the peril of driving that wedge even deeper between us. To hope for violence would be of course treasonous. Not to expect it would be naive. The details and costs of Trump’s martial spectacle tomorrow have already ignited wide disgust.”

Not as much disgust as good Americans feel for you, Chris Matthews!

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2 Replies to “Despicable Chris Matthews denounces Fourth of July celebration”

  1. Matthews is full of Bravo Sierra. Several other presidents have had parades in DC with Military armaments. And, I believe there are only four vehicles involved tomorrow. In fact, I always wondered why they quit them. A July 4th parade is quite reasonable as we now have them in every city, large and small. It would be nice if next year President Trump celebrates in another city and start a movement that would become a must for the country. I often wonder how people like Matthews can live with themselves as they daily spew venom that doesn’t only land on the shoulders of President Trump , but it lands on the shoulders of reasonable citizens who feel as if the Matthew types are nuttier than a fruitcake. And, full of more Bravo Sierra than a stuffed Turkey at Thanksgiving. Matthews and his soulmates seem completely devoid of a modicum of intellect or history as they spewed their visions of an America that has never been and never meant to be, namely a totalitarian state. RLS

  2. Decades ago I routinely followed Matthews t.v. show “Hardball”..He was Democrat,but he expressed love for America, for the US Military and a generally acceptable reasonableness ..Im told he ‘sat in for Rush a time or two??….Point being maybe Liberalism takes time to become a full blown sickness ??..Also factor in , if thats all you hang out with maybe its ‘catching” ?? Much like a trained Parrot ??


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