Damn the Supreme Court; full speed ahead on citizenship question

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Donald J. Trump administration is trying to come up with a rationale for including a citizenship question on the 2020 Census. 

How’s this for a rationale? “I’m president and you’re not!”

It is so frustrating that every common-sense proposal to run the country on a logical basis has to run the gauntlet of the idiots on the Supreme Court, the idiots in Congress and the idiots in the mainstream media. 

The Constitution says that the Census shall count people in the states every 10 years. Period. Either everything beyond that is unconstitutional, or else there is a broad latitude for the Census to ask numerous other questions about people’s income, race, housing, etc. The president should not have to explain a damn thing to the court about what’s being asked in the Census as long as they ask the constitutionally mandated question — how many people are alive in the United States today.

I am sick and tired of the Supreme Court, not to mention all the lower courts, placing themselves above our elected officials — either in Congress or the president — who unlike the justices and judges are directly answerable to the people. The nine robed individuals on the Supreme Court do not have any claim to omniscience. There should be a check and balance applied to them as well. They should not be able to divine rights and obligations in the Constitution where none has been explicitly written. Yes, the court can rule that a Census must be taken for the purpose of counting people in our country, but no they should not be able to dictate what questions are to be asked beyond that.

End of story.

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3 Replies to “Damn the Supreme Court; full speed ahead on citizenship question”

  1. We share your fury & frustration with justices: so, apparently, does a leader of the Christian world.

    When all else fails, praying for one’s enemies & turning the burden over to a higher power works wonders.
    The Prez, as lame duck, currently has to pick his battles; retaining his seat and exposing the idiocy of the Kamela Harris type of mentality (as in your July 7th today post) may be the smartest course for now.

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