Thanks, Twitter, for making America laugh again at clueless James Comey!

FBI Director James Comey testifies before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the "Oversight of the State Department" in Washington U.S. July 7, 2016. REUTERS/Gary Cameron - RTX2K636

Say what you will about Twitter’s faults, which are many (Where is @realJamesWoods?), but one of the great things about the platform is that you can be reaffirmed instantly that you are not alone if you love America!

This is especially important for conservatives, who are told by mainstream media 24/7 that they are racist, misogynistic haters when really all they did was support their president in trying to make America great again!

If it weren’t for social media, you might actually start to believe the non-stop rhetoric and doubt your own sanity — or your decency. Who knows, maybe you really are a horrible person because you voted for Trump!?!

But then you visit your 24-hour support group online, and you find out that you are not only not alone, you are appreciated. There are other people who think just like you! Millions of them! And they love America, too!

So nowadays when I read that someone has attacked President Trump or has attacked me as a pro-American Trump supporter, I know that I can dial up the attacker’s Twitter account and read thousands of heartfelt responses that say just what I was thinking! They are smart, funny and they don’t take “shut up” for an answer.

This morning, for instance, I read the latest self-righteous pontificating from Cardinal James Comey and knew that I would be too angry to formulate a reasoned response to his creepy hatred, so I headed to Twitter to let YOU THE PEOPLE speak for me!

Here’s was Comey’s nonsense:

“We have long had ugly margins in this country, but we are a fundamentally decent people, with shared values. We treasure our identity as a nation of immigrants. With our voices and our 2020 votes, we must send Donald Trump and his mob back to their dark corner.”

How many Easter eggs of hatred does disgraced FBI Director Comey have scattered in this one single tweet? Way too many for me as a mere mortal to be able to adequately catalog. But by turning to the Twitter-verse, I was able to sit back and enjoy watching Comey be verbally tarred and feathered as he was ridden out of town on a rail.

Here is a selection of a few of the hundreds (thousands?) of responses posted by Twitter users. I’m not sure if you can get a count of how many comments were posted, but they are overwhelmingly critical of Comey’s buffoonery.

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From @Dihaggis: “Hello from the 65 million Trump voter mob. I don’t want your so-called *values* as you are a betrayer, liar and cheat. We occupy way more than a corner Jimbo. We are all colors, across America, all seeking freedom from corruption. From people like you.”

From @kaci1951:You are THE MOB you dirty cop! You think we don’t know what you did but we do! Maybe @FBIcan now clean up the mess you left!”
From @libertyrob50:That’s going to be a tall order. This mob you speak of is the majority. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and sexual orientations. We are unified by the ideal that America is not only Great but it is Good. @realDonaldTrump shares or vision & like us he loves the USA”
@Jackie_1ders:WTH is an “ugly margin”? Are you speaking in code again to your nasty criminal friends?”
@Cocofritz:An Irish blessing — ‘May your cell have a low ceiling and your cot be short.’”
@MikeJorgensen5:You started a rogue investigation on the duly elected president with a known false Dossier! Hopefully justice will soon come for you!”
@CarolCATX:You’re not sending @realDonaldTrump anywhere. You tried that already. WE are sending him back for #4MoreYears #Trump2020″
@NutriFitnessSol:Wow Jimbo, not a lot of support here, in case you haven’t noticed.”
That last comment summed up what I was enjoying about visiting Mr. Comey online. Not as good as visiting him in prison, but still a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
If you aren’t on Twitter, I recommend it for the tremendous MAGA community that has gathered there to support @realDonaldTrump. It will recharge your batteries whenever you lose hope.

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  1. RE: “Cardinal” Comey. First a word about the current crop of Real Cardinals from an insider…About 45% of them are centered on the Gospel Jesus, the Spirit & support Pope Francis. About 45% of them are self centered, anti Francis folks. The remaining 10% consists of the Dubia Cardinals / Vigano SQUAD that works militantly to “impeach” Francis. Some call these the “creepy crawlies”. Does this all sound vaguely familiar?
    Can relate well to your “creepy” label for “Cardinal” Comey.

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