Bob Mueller Gump doesn’t know what Fusion GPS is! What a maroon!

OMG! Bob Mueller just inadvertently exposed himself as a doddering fool who has no idea what he is talking about.

Asked by Rep. Steve Chabot whether the unnamed firm in the report “that produced the Steele reporting” was Fusion GPS, Mueller said, and I quote, “I’m not familiar with that.”

Say what? Mueller must be the only person in America who is not familiar with Fusion GPS, the firm hired by Hillary Clinton to dig up dirt on Donald Trump!

In my mind, that exposes Mueller as a witless tool who was being used by the anti-Trump coup as the face of the investigation but a guy who could be trusted to keep his nose out of anything that would embarrass Clinton.

Chabot let him off the hook, but Mueller’s incompetence was on full display.

Moreover in follow questions by Chabot about the role of Fusion GPS in setting up the infamous Trump Tower meeting, Mueller repeatedly said “that’s outside of my purview.” That line is the equivalent of “I plead the Fifth” as a weasel clause that avoids responsibility, except “outside of my purview” is not a constitutional right!

What Mueller means is if he had looked into the evidence of how Trump was set up by FusionGPS, he would have had to clear Trump and charge Hillary Clinton. If you were assigned to investigate Russian influence on the election and you found out the Russian “agents” were being used as props by the Clinton campaign to smear their opponent, I would say that was definitely IN the purview of a fair investigation.

Mueller has confirmed my worst suspicions. He is Forrest Gump — present but not accounted for.

Watch it here:

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