Rep. Steube makes Mueller admit he wasn’t interested in ‘Russian meddling’ or the truth

In the final highlight of the Judiciary Committee portion of the Mueller hearing, Rep. Greg Steube of Florida was able to expose Mueller as a double-dealing weasel who wouldn’t know the truth if it came out of his own mouth.

First of all, Steube got Mueller to testify that he had never interviewed for the job of FBI director with President Trump. As the President himself tweeted, this testimony can be refuted by numerous witnesses.

Then Steube got Mueller to refuse to publicly state that there is any evidence that even one vote was changed as a result of Russia’s election interference.

Mueller: “I’m not gonna speak to that.”

Steube: “You can’t speak to that — after 22 months of investigation — that there is not any evidence in that document before us that any voter changed their vote because of their interference?”

Mueller: “That was outside our purview.”

Steube: “Russian meddling was outside your purview?

Mueller: “The impact of that meddling was undertaken by other agencies.”

How completely ridiculous Mueller looked. To think that this entire witch hunt was based on the allegations of Russian interference, but Mueller’s investigators never bothered to establish that such interference had any impact, shows what a sham the whole thing was. It proves that Alan Dershowitz was right when he said what was needed was a blue-ribbon panel to examine election tampering not a special counsel who would only try to destroy the president.

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Steube also exposed the hypocrisy of Mueller’s refusal to talk about the Steele dossier. He had said earlier that he would not talk about the dossier because it was the subject of a separate investigation. (That of course is good news for Trump because the Steele dossier was what led to the Trump collusion investigation and it was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton — so yeah, PLEASE investigate it!)

But Steube pointed out that the dossier was mentioned in the Mueller Report multiple times and that Steele himself had been interviewed by the Mueller team, yet Mueller would not talk about it.

Steube: “Your team interviewed Christopher Steele, is that correct?”

Mueller: “I’m not gonna get into that.”

Steube: “You can’t tell this committee as to whether or not you interviewed Christopher Steele in a 22 month investigation with 18 lawyers?”

Mueller: “As I said at the outset, that is one of those investigations that is being handled by others in the Department of Justice.”

Steube: “Yeah but you are here testifying about this investigation today, and I am asking you directly, Did any member of your team or did you interview Christopher Steele in the course of your investigation?”

Mueller: “And Im not gonna answer that question, sir.”

Steube: “You had two years to investigate. Not once did you consider it worthy to investigate how an unverified document that was paid for by a political opponent was used to obtain a warrant to spy on the opposition political campaign. Did you do any investigation in that whatsoever?”

Mueller: “I would not accept your characterization.”

Steube: “What would be your characterization?”

Mueller: “I’m not gonna speak any more to it.”

Steube: “So you can’t speak any more to it, but you’re not gonna agree with my characterization? Is that correct?”

Mueller: “Yes.”

Christopher Steele and the firm that hired him — Fusion GPS — are the smoking gun of the anti-Trump failed coup. I wrote about that on April 19, shortly after the Mueller Report was released, in my article “Mueller ‘Strzok Out’ with his Whitewash Report.” Mueller looked ridiculous trying to deflect questions about the linchpin of the entire Russia collusion story while still maintaining that he and his team had done a thorough investigation.

Good job by Rep. Steube in getting Mueller to say that “Russian meddling” wasn’t really the focus of his investigation, and neither was finding out the truth.

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