CNN ‘infested’ with Fake Outrage over Trump tweets

CNN host Victor Blackwell may have just set a new low in smearing President Trump with the most inane liberal argument yet conceived — although one has to admit that CNN is “infested” with inane arguments.

The president today tweeted that Rep. Elijah Cummings ought to stop attacking the Border Patrol for conditions in detention facilities and start worrying about conditions in his own district in Maryland.

Here are the three tweets from @realdonaldtrump:

Blackwell took offense at the tweets not because President Trump was wrong, not because of any error of logic or fact, but because the president used the word “infested” to describe Cummings’ district as “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

Apparently, calling a place rat-infested is a newly discovered form of racism. Somebody better tell the Brothers Grimm and anyone else who has ever told the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Blackwell worked himself up to real tears this morning as he sadly laid out the president’s use of the word infested in previous tweets.

“Infested: that’s usually reserved for references to rodents and insects, but we’ve seen the president invoke infestation to criticize lawmakers before.”

He showed photographs of six legislators, who were all minorities, and asked “See a pattern here?”

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In case you didn’t get the “pattern,” CNN provided the headline at the bottom of the screen: “Trump again attacks minority lawmaker with ‘invested’ rant.”

Turns out the president has previously referred to “crime infested” places that the Squad could devote their energy to fixing, and he criticized Rep. John Lewis for boycotting the 2017 inauguration instead of helping his own “crime infested” district.

This must be racist, right? And the proof is that in 2014, Trump wrote about the “Ebola infested areas of Africa”!

But hold on just a second! Are people really stupid enough to buy this language policing by liberal control freaks like Blackwell?

Are you really winning to surrender your right to use the king’s English in a correct and appropriate manner just because some racist host on CNN tries to language-shame you? Sorry but if you are talking about a bunch of rats overwhelming a place, it’s called an infestation. When a bunch of criminals take over a neighborhood, it’s called crime infested. And when a disease is out of control, then that area is infested with disease.

Anyone who thinks changing “crime-infested” to “crime-ridden” will change the way Victor Blackwell hates Donald Trump is a very naive specimen of humanity! Rather than crying about how our major cities are “crime infested” and “rodent infested,” Blackwell cried because he grew up in Baltimore and was offended by the president’s accurate words. If he were not a liberal tool, he would be offended by the crime and the rats, not the president who pointed them out.

More Fake News from CNN. All I can say is “What the hell does Baltimore have to lose” by supporting President Trump in 2020? Just the rats and the crime.


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  1. The default position whenever President Trump types out a tweet is to call him racist. I dare say if he asked for black coffee with his breakfast CNN would be all over him.

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