CNN produces 2 hour commercial for Democrats, calls it debate!

How is it that CNN does not have to declare an illegal campaign contribution to the Democrat Party for its celebratory debate tonight? Where’s the standard disclaimer: Political ad paid for by CNN?

The opening credit sequence that promoted the left-wing policies of the radical Democrats was by itself worth millions of dollars. It was a well-produced piece of propaganda worthy of Leni Riefenstahl if not George Goebbels.

Seeing that screen with the words “Heartland Values” next to pictures of four extremist Democrats turned my stomach.

The presence of Jake Tapper and Don Lemon as “moderators” gave away the anti-Republican “Trump is a racist” game, but I suppose millions of low-info voters will eat it up.

Well now I am about to be inundated with BS by these first 10 candidates, but I just can’t turn away. Can’t wait for the post-game analysis from President Trump!

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