Tech masters are building new Tower of Babel; their goal is to seize power

We may be reaching a perfect storm of outrage over the vast power being exercised by what I call the Social Media Manipulation Machine, and it is vital that President Trump confront the masters of the big-tech universe before the 2020 election or we can kiss democracy goodbye.

The Russia Election Hacking Hoax of the last three years will fade into obscurity compared to the potential for not just stealing the election but changing society permanently that can be wielded by Twitter, Facebook and Google.

This was all brought into bright focus last month by Sen.Ted Cruz’s questioning of liberal professor Robert Epstein, former editor of Psychology Today.

According to Epstein, Google grabbed millions of votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 by skewing search results and by targeting specific voters. He said Clinton had gained at least 2.6 million votes by Google manipulation:

“The range is between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes depending on how aggressive they were in using the techniques that I’ve been studying, such as the search engine manipulation effect, the search suggestion effect, the answer bot effect, and a number of others. They control these and no one can counteract them. These are not competitive. These are tools that they have at their disposal exclusively.”

Epstein, who made it clear that he is not a supporter of President Trump, told Cruz that because of the hostility toward the current president in Silicon Valley, the situation in 2020 will be incrementally worse:

 “In 2020, you can bet that all of these companies are going to go all out, and the methods they are using are invisible, they’re subliminal, they are more powerful than most any effects I’ve ever seen in behavioral sciences and I’ve been in behavioral sciences for almost 40 years….

“In 2020, if all these companies are supporting the same candidate, there are 15 million votes on the line that can be shifted without people’s knowledge and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace.”

Watch the testimony for yourself:

No wonder President Trump has threatened to take executive action against these companies. According to Politico, “The White House is circulating drafts of a proposed executive order that would address allegations of anti-conservative bias by social media companies.” No details are available yet, and the proposal is reportedly in flux, but according to Poltiico, “Trump warned that he is ‘watching Google very closely,’ citing the case of an engineer who has claimed the company fired him for his conservative views.”

Here’s a report from Fox News on this engineer:

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“When President Trump won in 2016, Google executives went on stage right away and cried — literal tears streaming down their faces. They vowed that it would never happen again and they want to use all the power and resources they have to control the flow of information to the public and make sure that Trump loses in 2020,” Kevin Cernekee said on “Fox & Friends” Monday. …

Cernekee said Google will “ramp up the censorship” as a method to ensure Trump loses the election — including the censoring of political advertisements, and the filtering of search results to promote its political agenda.

Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook continue to ban or restrict conservative voices. Most remarkably, Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was locked out of Twitter for posting a video of radical Democrats who had surrounded his home and were threatening him and his wife. Turns out it’s not allowed to post video where physical threats are made against another person.

How convenient!

Another significant charge has been leveled by former Democrat Brandon Straka, the founder of the Walkaway movement, who says his posts (and his followers) are being blocked by Twitter, especially after he was the opening speaker at President Trump’s recent rally in Cincinnati. Straka made that charge today on “Varney & Co.” on Fox Business.

Please pay attention to this issue. Silicon Valley is the new Babel, and these tech masters are intent on building their own version of the Tower of Babel. The ultimate goal is seizing incredible power. If we don’t fight back, they will not just be masters of the universe, they will be the masters of you and me.

Frank Miele writes from Kalispell, Montana, at and is a columnist at Real Clear Politics. To see more of my columns about the Dishonest Media, the Deep Swamp, the failed presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and Trump’s war to restore American greatness, read my “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy. Part 1 is subtitled “Bush’s Global Failure: Half Right.” Part 2 is “Obama’s Fundamental Transformation: Far Left.” Part 3 is “Trump’s American Vision: Just Right.” They are available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions, along with my new book “The Media Matrix: What If Everything You Know Is Fake?”



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